Kelvin Tools The Ultra Urban Multi-tool

OK, “urban” I can see not needing a knife & pliers, but it should have scissors & toothpick, tweezers… so many things would make this a better tool. I’m rural so already carry one with pliers and knives.

I see not having a knife a plus for getting through TSA. Not having pliers is a deal killer for me.

I had high hopes for this being the single item outside my toolbox that I could keep in another pary of my house or in my car so that I wouldn’t have to run to the tool chest for small jobs… but sadly this is not it. The tape measure and level have been oddly handy (who knew that I’d use them this much just because they’re available!) But, the screwdriver is sub-par and flimzy, although the xacto has also come in handy several times…