Ken & Ryu's Junkyard

I love this design. I just wish it wasn’t yellow. Not a good color for me.

So you’re saying they’re the Smash Brothers?

Makes me want to smash stuff.

Is Hulk (Hogan or The Incredible) leading the meeting?

ha! Nice to see a different game in the pop culture mix (and one I’ve actually played). And the yellow tanks are a nice bright bit of summer fun.

Loving the vintage look to this design.

Woah! Street Fighter shirt? Nice to see - it’s been a while.

Anyone got any insight as to whether the license plate is a reference to something?

I freakin’ love this. Good memories.

The art styling of this shirt is Down-Right Fierce!

Why are the tank sizes so limited? I would buy if they had my size, but not the tee. >(

I’ve benn gone a while, so forgive the stupid question, but when/why did woot start allowing use of copywrited characters? Just curious.

Fairly sure it falls under the Fair Use provisions for parody.

If memory serves, it was E. Honda and Chun-Li that could really shred those unfortunate vehicles in record time.

Of course, Ken and Ryu are the more recognizable characters.

that is awesome! Congrats Santos, and good look with your country team in the FIFA World Cup :slight_smile:

Nice one color design. Congrats, Santo!

Yeah brother! Whatchu gonna do when Ken and Ryu come for you?

Long live the Dragon Punch.


really great illustration. and looks nice on the yellow tank.