Ken Onion Knives

I recently purchased the 4 inch knife and the 7 inch all purpose and boy howdy are they sharp and built really well. Mr. Onion is the youngest person to be entered into the knife maker hall of fame which is pretty sweet and it sure does show in these knifes. The steel is strong and the handles really help in the performance of the blade.

I’d like some steel specs, please. Yes, they’re Ken Onion; yes, they’re US-made; yes, the build looks great… but what’s the steel?

“lets start with the steel. it is 420HC american made.
The handle is a textured G10, which is fiber glass suspended in resin. Also American made It is the only dishwasher safe material I have ever seen.”

This is from the previous offering’s thread.

I bought the nine-piece block set and the Santility knife last time and I’ve been pretty impressed with the quality so far.

How’s your edge retention? The 420 grades of steel are rather on the soft side, but better that they used 420HC than 420J2, and that’s probably how they kept the price point so low for woot. The Santility fascinates me, but $80 is the very most I would pay for a 420HC blade; the $200 MSRP seems a bit steep.

How thick is the spine on the blades?

Yeah, that seems really steep for 420 steel. Ken Onion or not.

why would I need so many variations of knives to cut onions? is a small knife for small onions really that much advantageous over using a large one? Also, why would I need a super hard steel to slice through onion? I thought it is not particularly hard to slice through.

Agreed. At this price point, I would expect a 440C or better steel.

I suspect the wood used to construct the knife cradle for the santility knife was blighted.

It has a very strange smell.