Kenneth Cole Leather Band Men's Watch



Updated with good links. Sorry Guys.

$130 on Amazon

Links at retrevo

Sorry to burst your bubble coltsfan, but they don’t seem to list this model KC1518 at either of those sites. Do a little bit more searching next time. :wink:

On the other hand, Amazon does have this watch. It’s quartz, with mineral crystal. So it should keep time well, and be somewhat scratch resistant, but not as much as a synthetic sapphire crystal.

Kind of slow here. Is this watch a windup, Auto wind, or battery?

How Quartz Watches Work

quartz = battery

Thank You

Wikipedia has some info about the company.

Quartz actually refers to the type of clock as in “quartz or digital.” You can have a quartz clock that doesn’t run on batteries.

So reaction and new york are different lines? Why is this the reaction line and new york is on the face? Also has the list price as a lot more than amazon? Anyone know what original list is?

Water resistance is nice, if that part is accurate.

Don’t know, every man should have a nice watch.

Savings from not buying this get me one tiny step closer to getting myself an AP Royal Oak :stuck_out_tongue:

I am sticking to my RADO Jubile and Movado 800 series. Though, it is OK looking watch.

I bought this watch about two years ago from the store. Its a great watch and I got a bunch of compliments on it. So much so, that I went to back and bought the steel bracelet one also. It’s a quartz watch, not mechanical or wind up like it seems. The gears are just engravings on the face. It also has a cool 3D appearance because the Kenneth Kole New York logo is written behind the glass wich is raised a little above the face. not on the face itself. The band also is a really high quality, almost like calfskin. Great dressy watch for the money.

weird, didn’t get my receipt by email yet… usually its instantaneous. anybody else?

-edit- nevermind, it just took a couple hours

While it is listed as water-resistant, as a practical matter that just means this watch won’t get messed up if you get all sweaty during these summer nights. The leather band’s going to be ruined if it’s submerged in lake water for any length of time, and quite frankly the face is much too dressy to go with any sporting equipment, like hockey masks, etc.

In for 1. Always a sucker for a watch, just another for the collection, but at this price you can’t go wrong. There are times when my Bell & Ross needs a break.

Do you have a link for that?

Here’s a link that says “If it says Quartz, Eco-Drive, or Kinetic on the dial somewhere, it’s not a manual wind.”

Eco-Drive and Kinetic use other forms of power (i.e. solar and movement, respectively) to charge the battery.

Yes, Reaction and New York are different lines. And indeed, the Reaction watches also say “New York” on their faces, presumably to show that KC is a New York company.

With all the Jason/Friday the 13th references throughout the Woot! network today, wouldn’t it have been cool if the date on the watch was 13?