Kenneth Cole Men's Automatic Watch

I guess the knob is to activate the female repellent.

This is old-school; a self-winder. How bulky is it?

here is the link to Amazon…so good deal comparatively

If all else fails…just think about how shiny it is. OOOOO SHINY! lol.

well, all the stats say the band is 22 mm, which is just under an inch (which is equivalent to 25.4 millimeters) The case is 36 mm, and 40 mm with the crown, so about 1 1/2 inches, or so. Not too big really.

Another site with some info, and woot! still has a MUCH better price…

I swear that I saw this watch for cheaper at Nordstrom Rack…

It’s a Chinese movement. Don’t expect it to keep good time.

edit: On the other hand though, it does have a lifetime warranty. Has anybody here used their warranty service before?

KC watches:

Pros - internals seem to last well, except…

Cons - bands fall off more than average

Source: friend who works watch counter at Macys.

It says on the Kenmar watch site that the movement is Japanese, not Chinese.


* Automatic movement watch makes use of the motion of the wearer’s arm to power the watch

It winds when you move your hand. Only time you need to wind it manually is if you don’t wear the watch for a while. Most automatics can go for about 40 hours when fully wound. So if you wear it every day or even every other day then you should never need to wind it.

I actually had this watch in white. Great looking watch and heavy. It has a large face which is in style now IMO. I garnered lots of compliments. Now for the bad. This watch is suppose to be waterproof, however, after just a week of wearing it moisture began to build up in the face and a week later it stopped working altogether. Granted I do live in Miami so the humidity is high, but it is suppose to be water-proof. I read of other buyers experiencing water intrusion concerns after just washing their hands.

I purchased a kenneth cole watch from macy’s 2+ years ago and I will agree with what you said about the bands. A pin is starting to get loose and I may have to contact kenneth cole about it. Never utilized their warranty service though.

if i were to buy an automatic for that price, i’d probably go with a seiko, citizen, or orient.

if the movement is japanese, does anyone know if it’s a miyota or seiko?

I’m pretty sure it’s a chinese movement. “China Movement” is printed on the back of the case.

Sounds like a good deal. I think that I’m in for one…

FYI: This watch is not “water proof” it says water resistant with no depth markings whatsoever, which means you cannot expect it to do anything other than resist water. This is a major misconception with the watch buying public. Should you be able to wash your hands, maybe, but no guarantee. Definitely No submerging here. And yes, its a “china movement”, but for $69.99 what do you really expect?

I got one even though I’m not a guy. Hopefully the face won’t look too big. A lot of women’s watches don’t fit me because my wrist is wider.

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Thanks! It’s bee-yoo-tee-ful!