Kenneth Cole Mens Watch

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Kenneth Cole Mens Watch
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Condition: New

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How hard is it to remove the links on one of these watches in order to adjust it to your wrist size?

It looks like all the face diameters are off by a factor of 10. Either that, or these are really small watches.

Aw man that made me laugh. 3.5 mm watches ftw.

Level Orange, or if you’re on the newest system of difficulty rating, Off white.

Sorry! I use my cell phone as a watch!

I noticed that too. A 3.3mm watch face would be interesting though…

the kc 3842 is 148.00 at

Are they self winding or battery?

What happened to simple watches designed to tell you the time only. Who needs multiple dials and added gizmos that only make it harder to read the hands on the watch and tell what time it is. Everyone I know who has a watch like these has to angle it back and forth just to see where the hands are to tell what time it is.

Well, two have leather bands, so that is not an issue. The ones with metal bands are a pain in the but to remove. You need a sharp item to press out a pin that holds the bands together, which is VERY tightly pressed into place. Not all links let you remove the pin. Then you eliminate the links you do not need, and then hammer the pin back in place. It can be done, but it is not easy, and you can damage the band.

That said, typically these bands allow you some adjustment on the metal clasp. You can move where the band attaches to add or remove some size, about an inch, to make it tighter. That is fairly simple.

The Only “Automatic” watch is Kenneth Cole KC3797 and it is Ugly enough for me to pass on. I assume they will hit Sellout soon like the last batch of Watches. I do like KC1488 and KC3842 though, I wish they were more gear based.

3842 is $148 at amazon through Digital Wrist…

3769 is 105 at amazon through WatchZone.

3797 is 136.89 or more through various sellers at amazon.

I haven’t checked the rest… but I would assume all are over $100.

Great deal woot!

is water resistant the same as water proof? i mean can I go swimming with these?

Q1 Does anyone even wear watches anymore ?

Q2 Does Woot actually sell any of these ugly things ?

NO!!! Water proof can go under water. Water resistant means it will be OK in the rain.

Checked the Kenneth Cole web site, and I didn’t find ANY of the watch numbers there at all. Could be they are discontinued items. Good woot! I mean Good Luck.

KC watches are complete junk. I bought one once from K&G men’s super store in texas. Within the first week, I had a large scratch on the face of the watch.

For comparison, I now wear either a $500 diamond Calvin Klein watch or a cheapo $12 pulsar watch that i bought at walmart. Have had both for well over a year… not a scratch on either one… and i’m not particularly careful with either.

Kenneth Cole watches = complete crap

I have one pair of their pants… better quality then the watch.