Kenneth Cole Reaction Other Half

Displayed price: $24.99-$65.99

Reality: Most things are $59.99+, and just about everything’s $49.99. But there’s one magic specific color/size pair that’s sold at $24.99, letting the seller get away with a “technically correct” much lower looking price range.

What is this, Amazon?

Certain color/size combos are more popular than others. You find that on Amazon, too.

Having previous online shoe store experience, it’s a pretty regular thing for manufacturers to discount previous season to new season inventory, too. Even if it’s basically identical.

The original poster has a fair point. The low price is misleading given how many types of shoes are available and how few (1) are available for said low price. Shoppers will click the link due to the amazingly low price, only to be confronted with prices averaging closer to $45 or so.

Wish there was a way to upvote comments. My guess is that both of you would have a lot of upvotes and maybe even much more than the staff comment despite the fanboy mentality here.
That said, I’m wondering if the $24.99 shoe might be a fairly good deal if it wasn’t for the $5 shipping. Despite my reservation about buying shoes from Woot, I bought a pair of running shoes a few months and they’ve turned out great!

Other online retailers are saying to order one-size up for these shoes. You can find limited sizes at Nordstrom for about $80. Zappos has it closer to $100…

Look like nice shoes, but I’m weary about the sizing issue.