Kenneth Cole Stainless Steel Men's Chrono Watch

face diameter is 4mm?

Not enjoying your misery, but it’s always entertaining watching you defend your tracker. My guess is nobody here realizes that it’s yours.

chro NO want

I was about to say the same thing.

where is our Bag of Cherries…

It’s about time we got something for me to watch out for.

It stopped working for me, too. Wouldn’t refresh itself so it serves no purpose.

This watch is going for 149.99 on ebay, new. This is quite the steal.

This will move me to Japan!?!?

Guess I can stop digging that hole…

decimal point error, 42mm

They mean centimeters. However, we Americans don’t cotton to no metric system.

It’s the smallest watch ever!

I wish this watch would tell us the time for the Bag of Crap

boyfriend is obsessed with watches so I’m tempted… it just won’t get here in time for his birthday… so pass it is :-\

if it was an automatic, i’d be sold tho

People still wear watches?

HAHAHA!! I need some of those too

Goal for the summer: Learn how to tell time.

you are coldblooded. I like it. are you talking wooters or bagsofcrap?

Are the drinkers still playing their drinking game or did they pass out already?