Kensington 3 Button Optical Scroll Mouse - 2 Pack

come on USB not PS/2 right?

I would buy this but my optical mouse is good enough. I hate the ball mouses because gunk get’s stuck in them.

EDIT: Good thing they aren’t those roller ball mice. -Happy now SuperNinja?-

Would consider but they’re PS/2

Pretty cheap, but i already bought the nice wireless keyboard and mouse bluetooth set from the woot off a month ago.

Um, there is a reason why you died mister PS2, you suck, and are not on laptops, good luck and RIP PS2!

Hm, I’m not even sure if it’s worth $8 bucks (shipping cost included). I’m looking for something a bit nicer than that…


I’m throwing these away in handfuls. This has to be the worst woot ever.


Good Price, but, Nah…

Im thinking about it… you never know when you run out of mice or keyboards in a lanparty :smiley:

Nice deal.

If this was wireless I’d be on this like a fat kid on a cookie, but my laptop has no ps/2 :frowning:

Some Pricing…

Froogle … $75 (10 pack) = $7.50 each

SecretPrices … $85 (10 pack) = $8.50 each

NexTag … $75 (10 pack) = $7.50 each

seems like a really low price but does anything use PS/2 mouseports anymore???


This is really a BOC in disguse… right?

Oh, and I have one of these. Good, not great. Maybe worth 1.50, (plus s&h, of course).

I believe these belong in a museum. :3

all comparison site link are on the blog… i think you’ll like it…
p.s… television will never be the same… i love jack bauer (unrelated, but important).

“High-Tech Design”

You’re right about that Woot!

Too fancy for me. Good night all!

Not bad, but why not a wireless?

I’m glad I picked up couple of First Edition RAZER Copperhead couple of weeks ago, those are really nice. Now, these will be ok for business setting (employees, etc)

$1.50/mouse isn’t bad. Still, would’ve been better if it was USB and not PS/2.