Kensington 3 Button Optical Scroll Mouse - 2 Pack

Cheapest I could find was 5 dollars, so great job woot!

I might get them, just not sure yet.

~ Chris
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Toll free customer support. wow.

I already have my 7 year old Logitech MX500, then recently gotten a G7 last half of the year, and just two days ago this G15 keyboard.

I’m kind of a Logitech Whore for the Human Interface Devices.

And where did you read that they are ball mice?

2x for Tuesday. I’m in for 3. TY woot just the crap I needed. Kids keep breaking mice.

Wow, i forgot ps2 even existed

do they even have the ports for those on new computers anymore? they’re useless now, that space can be used for more high speed USB ports

LOL, this is great…I needed something to make me laugh. This mouse two pack did a pretty good job. But today was a double feature…I get to see comments from not so brilliant people who can’t read the title of today’s woot…It says optical right there in the title and so I’m not sure why you think it is not silly man…

Are they really that bad that they had to point out that they are “Comfortable for both right- and left-handed users” twice?

Its easy to throw in toll free customer support when you know no one will buy or call.

I’m not one to complain… but PS/2? Seriously… there’s a reason why those ports are dusty.

Hmmm, good deal for a laptop… Oh wait, they dont have PS2 ports anymore. An optical mouse with ps2 connector… Like a Lamborghini with plastic wheel covers from walmart.

what with this quality, what’s tomorrows woot going to be, a 5 1/4" Floppy Disc Drive???

w00t! what a great buy!


How well does that G7 work? I’ve been thinking of getting one to replace my crapola mouse.

Dude, the shipping is more than the item. Things must be really lean at woot hq.

For everyone who buys this . . . you should have bought the Razer Copperhead.

what the heck…why not? as cheap as it is it will always be a good back-up …especially for those with kids that have older pcs. of course, I don’t have any kids or an older pc for that matter. oh well…I’m sure someone I know can use them…i went ahead and got 2…

This, too, is optical.

If it was a cheap one for a C64, I might go for it.

For those whining about PS/2, you can get a USB-PS/2 adapter for about 2 bucks at any store that carries computer accessories and cables.
But yea the shipping kills this deal.

What’s so bad about ps2 for a mouse? Once it’s plugged in, you can’t tell the difference. I wonder if these are comfortable?