Kensington 3 Button Optical Scroll Mouse - 2 Pack

I do not know about anyone else. But they do make ps2 = usb adapters. Personally I have atleast 5 around the house from broken kb and mice

What is the dpi on these things?

You win…that’s the quote of the day!

I know 3 people that have mice with balls in them now they are getting these. hell they are $2.32 mice i gonna get 6 just so i have 3 of them in case i need another mouse

Hey… if you are willong to woot these…there are lots of things you could woot cheap… old rotary telephones, the hula hoop, how about the clacker balls on a string that people were hurting themselves with years ago… bumper tennis shoes, mens perms and puca shells,…or how about a close and play record player?

If your on the interweb and looking at the Woot, you probaly have a mouse. And a better one than this pOs . Again worst woot ever.

…you own these god-awful things?

nice woot, I’m happy with my MX & LX Logitechs. Might consider these for my next builds.

I’m in for two - these are great for your basic mousing needs - so why the heck not?

Good Woot!

Ummm now that I’ve kissed Woot butt - can you send me a few bags o crap?

Blah! Blah ! Blah! Do you people know you can buy ps/2 to usb adapters for 2 dollars. These are good substitutes when a mouse like my Gyration Ultra GT goes dead and I need to get work done while it’s charging. I’m in for 2.

Girlfriend has a PC with PS/2, and no room for a mouse pad. I’m in.

!KidMice!™ StickyGooeyCrumbCoveredSatOnSwungByTheTail Mice.

And the price is right, too.

Sheesh – I think the guy is just making a generic comment here, not particular to today’s woot offering. Give the guy a break, already…

Will this PS2 mouse work on my Sony PS2?
I’m just kidding, before someone asks…

The wife tore up the last mouse about 10 days ago. She was also looking for one for her laptop. This kills two birds with one stone.

Well, for ordinary use on a desktop machine, they’re probably adequate, and, letls face it, they’d free up a USB port. As long as they’re optical and not mechanical (I still remember having to clean crud out of mechanical mice), I figure they’re worth the price.

I’d go for it if they were 9 pin serial.

I prefer PS2 for my mouse and keyboard…they don’t send enough information to warrent wasting a USB port on them.

Hey, it’ll work with linux on your old 'puter.

That said, I am swimming in mice thanks to woot, so I’ll be passing tonight.

weird timing. i was shopping today for a simple (cheap) desktop optical mouse and they had only $30+ wireless ones on the shelf, so i gave up. i don’t care if its not usb–great woot!