Kensington 5 Button Wireless Optical Pilot Mouse


Ohh…wireless! I had a wireless mouse once, it worked on infrared…and it sucked!

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Kensington 5 Button Wireless Optical Pilot Mouse
$12.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
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The Razer Copperhead 2000 dpi mouse owns this one.


theres a keyboard and a mouse for the same price on


Not a bad mouse… i like the 5 buttons =)


where is the podcast?


Woah. The folks at Amazon really didn’t like this…

I almost bit on it, but looks like it ain’t happening.


Woot, not good. This mouse has problems with delays and lags. Bad thing if you are playing a game trying to kill bad guys and they get you before the mouse responds.


Matthew has the weekends off


bought one like a year ago.
drains batteries like nobody’s business.
then it started being finicky on tracking.
first kensington item I didn’t love.
don’t use it anymore.


Matthew and the podcast always get the weekend off.

Rumor has it that Matthew is out celebrating the one-year anniversary of the podcast !!!


Podcasts are only during weekdays. =)


no podcasts on the weekends…woot gods need days off too.


Does this work with other wireless setups?
Specifically the previous woot kensington kb/mouse setup. Most people who would by this for pc would already have a wireless setup and would be upgrading thier mice right? Or still have a ps/2 kb?


so cheap, yet so useless. the damn thing looks REALLY uncomfortable too, although i guess that can be expected with tiny wireless mouses. i would recommend getting a decent sized mouse for portable wireless use, unless you dont mind getting carpal tunnel while you’re young…


optical mouse - built in charger = g’nite all!


I have (and use) this mouse. The feel is nice, but I have large hands, I imagine it wouldn’t “fit” someone with small hands. More importantly - it chews through batteries like candy. With heavy daily use (10-12 hours since I work on my computer all day) I can get no more than 4 weeks from the batteries. Hmmmmm…maybe that’s reasonable, now that I think about how much use that really is.


it is wireless so it doesn’t matter the DPI you wil get lagg in the response


I hope you use rechargables? My last woot kensington kb/mouse purchase had a reciever that was a batter recharger, so when either the kb or mouse gets low on batt power i just switch them from the receiver.