Kensington Accessories

Maybe so…

But onto a different venue:

Will this work with a case on the phone (even a thin one)?

Kensington K39564WW Virtuoso™ Pro Pen Stylus & Pen, I still want this pen, I purchased this a couple of weeks ago and was sent the lazer with stylus instead, yes they refunded me for it. But I still want the Pen!

Where’s the super-folio in the feature photo? Wouldn’t it make sense that the event’s feature photo actually be for sale as part of the event?

There is no such thing has “fast charge” on 1 amp.

where is the product in the picture…? wt f woot.

I’m betting this is a sale that we’ve run before and that item is no longer available. Sorry.

No Kensington Locks?

Agreed, does anyone know the name/model of the that folio? I could be all over it!!!

The folio pictured, but not offered :confused: , is the Kensington Folio Trio Mobile Workstation, retail $79.99.®-4th-gen-3rd-gen-ipad-2