Kensington Bluetooth USB Adapter


[imgleft][/imgleft] Kensington Bluetooth USB Adapter - Tuesday, November 29, 2005
Item qty: 2000, Last Order: 8:43 AM CST, Wooter to blame: 4CESME
Order Pace: 0m 15.717s, Woot Wage: $3,433.39/hour.


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Here’s some “tooth” info your dentist didn’t learn in dental school:

[]p3, Kashmir says it"honestly does its job" for his Razr. Kevan agrees it was"a piece o’ cake".
]p3, gork has one, but finds it the “worst bluetooth adapter I have ever owned”.
[]p4, rdunnell opines that his Kensington Bluetooth adapter works “a ton better” than the cheapies
]p4, bigbill25 offers a “possible way to get around the crap Kensington drivers”
[]p4, jpk discovers a faster, more expensive adapter on Newegg
]p5, gwbaker bought this adapter, elsewhere, at twice the price and says it’s"a great blue tooth adapter".







i heart woot

I had another bluetooth adapter… a different brand but def cheaper. worked okay, but not much stuff back then was being used for bluetooth.

now i have a bluetooth keyboard/mouse desktop suite where the recharging base works as the hub (thanks Logitech)…

so dongles like this aren’t really too necessary


nice but dont have any bluetooth stuff


i can get one for free from tiger direct. plus there are pleanty for $20 shipped.


first page



Bluetooth? More like…boo tooth.



Blah lame. Maybe if there was a bt headset.


Too expensive, especially for a Kensington.


Does it come with a free Matrix Box Set? Seems like theres been lots of reruns lately. I saw a bluetooth adapter at frys electronics for $15.


Terriable, ebay is cheaper


I have no use for it =/. It’s a good deal though.


wasnt last one 2 for 20?


hm… wat about those free ones? ah well. i think i mite need one anyhow for my razr v3


Cool and cheap…what a way to go!


this was up not too many weeks ago… not bad though


i just bought this at a sale >_>


not bad.!!! if it was for $5 … not for me


Hmmm, I might want one of these, thanks woot.