Kensington Comfort Desktop Supershelf Plus 2-Pack

[imgleft][/imgleft] Monday, October 10, 2005

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For price researching purchases, it may be helpful to know that this is also known as the “Desktop Comfort Keyboard/Mouse Drawer and Monitor Stand" sometimes listed as part number 60006D, but this time as 60006HD. (No idea why it’s different now, but these do seem to be the same product.) We just used 60006 for simplicity’s sake.

Quality Posts (a few posts we stumbled upon that look particularly helpful to others):

10/13/05 Some users report in and Snapster confirms that these units do not have wrist pads that were expected. situation being assessed for best solution. more info shortly.

Great deal and great price, but why do you have to get two?? I mean the shelf thing could come in handy, but there’s a very small chance one would actually need two of them. I guess you could always give one away as a gift or something, but I don’t like being forced to get two.

Edit: what if you had dual monitors? I hadn’t really considered that before…if you were to use one of these for one of your monitors, you WOULD want one for the other…but has anyone ever thought of doing this? Also, what if you wanted to use this with an LCD?
Anyone ever done that? First of all, WOULD you want to use this with an LCD? It seems to me that the whole point of this is to save space and create room for your keyboard, but that’s usually not a problem if you use an LCD, and in that case, it would actually create a much bigger footprint, thus taking up a lot more space. Now here’s the million dollar question: can anyone make a convincing argument for me to buy this, seeing as I use dual-lcds? The numbers match up, but does it really make sense?

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Kensington Comfort Desktop Supershelf Plus 2-Pack $14.99 + $5 shipping

Great deal!! Best price on Froogle is $33 for ONE

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Kensington Comfort Desktop Supershelf Plus 2-Pack $14.99 + $5 shipping

Great deal!! Best price on Froogle is $33 for ONE

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Whoever needs this, it looks like a good price.

Ok woot, keep it up. I might eventually buy something.

Got a bag to go with this crap?

No thanks; I have a desk.

Might be useful for those using computers on, I dunno, card tables?

no beer holder? no thanks. i guess i will have to continue using my cd-rom.

I don’t understand why we would need two of these.

But a good price nonetheless.

Maybe give one as a gift?

For a laptop, I am thinking…nahhhh!

First PAGE …wooootie wooooot!

Curses her laptop’s inability to accessorize like a desktop and storms off

I can’t even think of a set up where this can even be used… let alone used twice!

huh? but the deal sounds good!

what’s the point of this? :stuck_out_tongue:

A two pack of what???


And I was hoping for a BOC!!

This just isn’t woot meterial, no one is going to “woot” at this… come on.

Now if it included all the items listed around it I’d be in for a 2fer!

I just don’t need it…