Kensington FlyFan™ USB Fan

I can’t believe I missed the USB fan again! damn yous woot :cry:

Grrr…forgot to log in first and got kicked out entering CC info. :cry: Better luck next time.


no wootbot for the fans…hrm

i can’t believe i missed the fans again. :frowning:


Anyone near Stanford University? name your price!

[quote user=“youngfiles”]Anyone near Stanford University? name your price!
$9.99. See [url][/url] :twisted:

I checked at Midnight, saw the ab-tilt, took my shower, saw the AIO… and never saw a glimpse of the flyfan, which was something I would’ve bought 3 of in an instant. No wootbot even… maybe there’s more to come.

omg more fans plZ~!~!

Fan… fan…fan…fan…fan…fan…fan…fan…

I got these last time they were up, sold them for $5 each to the freshman on my floor :wink:

more ram in the box please


Anyone else notice the “progress bar” at the bottom of the page? Only question that remains to be answeredis wether it relates to time left for the woot, or the “quantity on on hand/quantity started with”. My vote’s with the latter.

You gotta love the progress bar!!

Awesome idea woot! Especially for “El Woot Off”…

[size=18:dab682a4cb]godspeed, brave woman. godspeed.[/size:dab682a4cb]!.jpg

$.01, nice!

I take it that purple bar at the bottom is how many are left before selling out…

That’s pretty cool.

I like the new purple line that tells ya about how many ya have left. woot!! :wink: