Kensington FM Tuner and FMTransmitter for iPod

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Kensington FM Tuner and FMTransmitter for iPod
$15.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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  • 1 Kensington FM Tuner and FM Transmitter for iPod 33169

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here… check useful linkage for the comparison shopping links… unfortunately for everyon, i’m back… luckily though, i’m back… and it couldn’t be on a better woot-nite… yay.

how’s battery life ??

Any idea if this works with the iPhone?

No AM, Krap, need to get Don and Mike!

waaay cheaper than the iTrip!

Reason #34 Zune is better than iPod: built-in FM tuner.

Just buy a SanDisk or a ZUNE player with integrated Fm tuner - this makes the iPOD even bigger than normal.

Thanks anyway WOOT.

Impossible to better than my woot! iRIVER transmitter. Compatible with everything 1/2 this price, Oh And I like the blue led. :slight_smile:

No more iPOD accessories till woot! sells a n iPOD!.

Anyone know if this works with the iPhone? And, if so, does it look okay on it? My iPhone has become very fashion-conscious since I called her fat the other day.

Meh, the frequencies these run on always get bleedover from the Tejano radio stations where I’m at. I have that cool AUX port on my car stereo for that reason :slight_smile:

,Re: Kensington FM Tuner and FMTransmitter for iPod,Have the iRiver equivalent, pretty good., Post

always had bad luck with these

completed eBay listings:

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similar ones ending for around $20…good woot to keep.

Boooooo! Makes for a fixed transmission point! (the bottom of your iPod).

Fine if at girlfriends and you’re playing your tunes through her clock radio (you don’t go to her place to listen to music, though, do you?).

At your place, you will AT LEAST have RCA inputs on the back of even the most basic bookshelf system.

Use in your car?! So, you’re going to lay your $300 iPod, love of your life, on the dash (or wherever else you need to to get good signal) to bake, to fade your LED display, to slide back and forth as you drive, Mr. Andretti?

But you can use this at Grandma’s Sunday dinner when you need a little Frank Sinatra. Yes, this is good for Grandmas.

BAH! I got a Belkin Tunecaster II which works great. Comes with a long DC adapter cord, so it can hang over the front seat or sit on the dash. Get yours for $10 more than this Woot at Circuit City:

So, can you use this to transfer from one ipod to another?

And for all those that hate anything Apple, DON’T BUY IT! Stick with your lame Zune’s or iRivers (jeez, that was the MOST original name they could come up with?)

i have one of these for my iPod and it is a very reliable device. I am able to expand my music, because if i am bored with what i have on my iPod, i can just tune in to the radio, AND it transmits.

very nice woot!

Got a B+ from iLounge (Link)