Kensington FX 300 Speaker System


Wow those are some tiny speakers.




Um, so I have no idea what this is. Where are the actual speakers?


Wonder if that inside pocket is big enough to hold my 80gig 4th gen Ipod?


Kensington FX 300 Speaker System

$4.99 + $5 shipping

condition: New

pricing for future reference


this is kinda cool… anyone got one?


I love making my MP3 player HUGE.


Seems to have some good reviews! reviews


i would order one if i wasnt leaving next monday


umm…this cant be decent quality…granted it is 10 bucks (total)… not somethin i would want tho…sorry, i want more penny items, :smiley: l.o.l


does anyone know if you can plug that thing in and run it from a power source, not battery?


according to many of the reviewers (not me, i have no experience with this item) many do not work, but the Kensington customer support people seem very friendly
here’s the linkage (idk how to make urls so y’all will have to do the hard work of copying and pasting. Sorry for the inconvenience


$10 on amazon… better go for 3 to make this worthwhile.


I got this same one from last week.
They have it for $10… then -$10 for google checkout, and free shipping…$0.00
Can’t beat Free… :slight_smile:


Looks identical to some nike sport cases they sold a while back. Same inside back net pocket and everything. If that’s the case, it should hold any normal .mp3 player, it’s quite roomy.


No, there is no such option.


Close price to Its 10 bucks plus shipping. Review are there two. It’s not stereo. So expect low quality.

here’s the page:


Yea, they definitely should have put dimensions on the spec sheet. At least they’re on Amazon at that link; thanks hchu2!


Yes it can. It could hold Zune too. and the sound quality is good for that size.