Kensington Keyboard 10-Pack

check the comparison site listings for this one on the blog… i thought yesterday’s woot was great… well, not great… but great to blog about… anyways… this one is actually pretty great… in a great way… breaking new grounds every day… A 10-FER… you had me at hello.

Just bought a three-pack…

…but what am I going to do with 30 KEYBOARDS?!

10 keyboards. Holy god! Im definitely getting this. How can you pass up 10 freakin keyboards?

Sweet! For those gamers who tend to take their frustration out on their keyboards…now wheres the mouse 10 pack?

Because I have 10 computers sitting around without keyboards?

Ten for! Now I just need to find a reason to get 10 keyboards. I mean I have a KVM to take care of that mess.

Well you could just Deystroy every last one of them for fun!

lmfao, the 100 they sold on the woot-off wasnt enough? we need a 10 pack now??? wow! if i was running an office or something this would be great, but wow! so useless for the everyday consumer!

Youve gotta be kidding me. I had this woot at my last garage sale.

Ten for Tuesday? Now if only they had been selling Roombas…

Funniest Woot EVAR!


Sell me ten uh… Leakfrogs! Not ten keyboards! Haha.

And I really never liked the L-shaped enter keys.

Makes that inflatable screen look pretty good.

“What in the name of Christopher Sholes would I want with ten Kensington 64362 Keyboards?”

Good night.

The numbers are there
But something isn’t right here
Oh yes, I don’t want.

Tonight’s Haikwoot is brought to you by sleep, a glass of ice water and the number 10.

why ten?.. why do i need ten???

10? 10? Why would anyone want 1 let alone 10? Woot your not making me happy right now!

LMAO I’m in for 3 (or 30) in this case. atleast I won’t have to worry about cleaning my k/b or replacing batteries, or hell wireless interference.