Kensington Laptop Docking Station

Kensington Laptop Docking Station


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    1 Kensington 33419 Laptop Docking Station w/ 5 USB 2.0 ports, Ethernet, Audio

$25 on amazon. Good deal if needed

tight yo

So, what, you connect this to your computer via a USB port?

in for one

Maybe if it had video, but its just a USB hub with USB ethernet (my wi-fi works fine) and USB sound card.

~FDR’s legs~

laughs and claps

Do people still use these things?

I am not a big fan of removing multiple hot swappable devices at once. I know what hot swappable means, but that does not mean you can yank out 6 devices all at once and not expect the computer to complain or act up. Or even connecting them all at once.

the Sux-O-Meter readings on this thing are through the roof!

In for one. Sure its a glorified usb hub, but i like the powered ports without pc connected, lots of charging capabilities, and im hoping it will work to connect multiple external hard drives to my dvd player, although its not a deal breaker if it doesn’t.

Some things ill be charging with it: trickle charging the smart phones, 2 sansas, mini portable speakers, and a back up battery booster for the smartphone.

Charge five phones at once. This will fit nicely on the counter instead of having a bunch of adapters plugged into the wall.

Appears that way. It must have a USB to Ethernet adapter built in which means a driver will need to be installed to use it. Windows 7 will likely do it automatically. The same would have to go for the sound device too. So lots of devices installing when you plug it in, be sure to use the same USB port on the laptop or it will have to figure them all out again…

Not a big fan of these types of devices, especially if you deal with multiple laptops.

On the other hand, if you have a broken sound card/port or ethernet port this would be cheaper than most usb_>ethernet adapters and external sound cards…


25 at Amazon … 5 USB Powered HUB… plus Headphones/Microphones plugs … ethernet plug, don’t know how it works :smiley: looks good for USB HUB definitely not a docking station

I use it to connect multiple HDDs to a Macbook as the are powered and will continue to charge items like phones, iPods and iPads even when the PC is off.

The USBs are seen by both OSes in my PC (OS X and WIN7) and so are the other ports.

This is an excellent deal and this one is going to my desk at the office!

I highly recommend this as I have not found a more reliable USB expansion hub hands down!

Woot off has come to a grinding halt on this “gem”.

Amazon Reviews

One reviewer calls it a glorified USB hub. I kind of agree.


It is a docking station as the ethernet port is recognized by both OSes without a driver being installed. This includes the sound ports as well. As fr the VGA I can not speak for it.

This is a docking station that is heavy on the USB expansion reliability.

and i thought i was being original when i called it one just a few posts up :frowning: