Kensington Laptop Docking Station

Lapdog tocking station?


up next? earbuds :frowning:

Put product in landfill and profit.

if we’re lucky

booooooooooooooooo lol

Isn’t ethernet via USB 2.o going to be kinda slowish?

Someday when we have LightPeak maybe…


“Any photos showing it connected to a then-anachronistic 10/100 Ethernet port are simply a trick of the light, and in reality, it was just a misrepresentation of how it was using it’s Microphone In and Stereo Out ports to create a legal record of the search.”

Grammar check fail

I tried to get three, and the button changed from full to sold-out…

FWIW, 100Mb Ethernet over 480Mb USB won’t be slowed by the bus. And $8 for a 5-port USB hub isn’t bad itself, and this has better port spacing than most. Alas, I missed it.