Kensington Optical Wireless USB Mouse – 2 Pack

It’s 1am already? Wow

Froogle Link Minimum Price $14.99 X 2 = $29.98

Yahoo! Shopping Link Minimum Price $14.99 X 2 = $29.98

Shopzilla Link Minimum Price $14.99 X 2 = $29.98

Amazon Customer Review Link Average Review 4/5 Stars

Manufacturer Page

hmmm…a 2 pack mouse set…does this mean i have to have 2 comps, or just 2 relatives w/comps?

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Kensington Optical Wireless USB Mouse – 2 Pack
$17.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 2 Kensington 72219 Optical Wireless USB/PS2 Mouse

I just threw mine in the garbage, Batteries would die after a few days. No thanks woot.

This is a very nice looking woot, but how’s the battery life?

BizRate Prices look good… from $15 at 13 stores online.

Shopzilla Prices look good too… from $15 at 27 stores.

Nextag Prices are same… from $15 but only 3 stores. Prices aren’t great… from $25 at 4 stores.

No CNet Reviews… but they have solid prices… and if you Woot this thing… put up a CNet review for our posterity.

More micey pricing…
SecretPrices … $13.99 x2 = $27.98

NexTag … $14.99 x2 = $29.98

Froogle … $14.99 x2 = $29.98

Do you find yourself saying “Ohhhh, I hates them Miiicees to pieces when they do that!”? If so, its time to go optical.

Pricing for 1 mouse (no tax or shipping included):

$14.00 at Sprenzy

$14.99 at CNET

$24.09 at Amazon 4/5 stars

What could one POSSIBLY do with two crappy mice like this?

Turn them into a couple of SOAPs!

By the way, i have 1 of these mice, and the battery life on mine is fine. I used it for 40 or 50 hours before i got my microsoft one (hate fine-tuned pointing on this mouse… for some reason ive always liked M$FT mice…)

wht is a “optical” mouse? 3 blind mice?

Diamond Eye optics? Damn marketing people at it again
Exterminate the Mice!

I’ll stick with my razorback, thank you.

(I’m still waiting for my case w00t!)

linux compatable?

I had the usb one of those back in the day, and it worked well enough that I would easily recommend it to any non-gamer looking for a wireless mouse. not a bad woot.

14.99 for one, new, not including shipping

Much better than last weeks. But, I currently have a logitech wireless combo. I have no need yet still a slight desire to buy. NOOO I must sleep.

beerorkid: "linux compatable? "

Yes, luckily, mouse support was added relatively recently - 1992.

I have the model # K72223 which looks to be very similar to this at woot about 6 months ago and I really like it. The battery life is reasonable and the performance is good. I paid about this for only one. Buy one and give one to a friend. I know you are all givers out there.

Thanks Woot…Just in time…Mouses’ have been dying here left and right. Beginning to think its a seriel killing… Extras will be hid in a safe place where I will change the identity on the box.