Kensington Optical Wireless USB Mouse



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Kensington Optical Wireless USB Mouse
$6.99+ $5 shipping

1 Kensington Optical Wireless USB Mouse 72219


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A cheap mouse to go along with all your cheap cat pictures!


Whoa a wireless peripheral!!!


I don’t think us wooters have enough mice yet…


Already got one…oh well.


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How does Kensington compare to Logitech? Both seem to be woot favorites.


<-wants a blue razor mouse. I have enough crappy wireless mice. cords ftw


next comes the keyboard…

or another friggin watch


make it out of wood and I buy 3…




Couldn’t we PLEASE have another keyboard???


I wish it was wood


Okay, this is the mouse I want woot! The other 6 weren’t right, THIS… is the one!!!


I bought three of these for X-mas gifts!!!


o rats!