Kensington Orbit Trackball & 4-Port USB Hub Bundle

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Kensington Orbit Trackball & 4-Port USB Hub Bundle
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Check out the product page for the trackball

Hey Wooters! I am disabled and can’t use a traditional mouse. I’ve recently started trying a handshake style orientation mouse, but it seems that it might still have some of the same issues as before. Some have recommended trying a trackball…so anyone used these before that can lend some insight?

I’ve been using this trackball for the last 4 years or so. They’re way better than traditional mice (at least in my opinion) and save me from needing to sacrifice space to a mousepad.

Build quality isn’t the most amazing, my first one started having issues 2-3 years in (doubleclicking instead of singleclicking) and I need to occasionally remember to clean the trackball. Neither of these are major problems, I just wish that Kensington had a more premium trackball with the scroll ring in the exact same form factor.

The trackball itself is usually under $30 on Amazon, with occasional drops under $20. I can’t speak to the USB hub but I don’t need another one so I’ll be passing on this.

The issue of double clicking is fixable by repalcing China-made micro-switches with Japan-made. Look online and to learn more.

I use Logitech M570 and and it’s pretty good and knowing about its subpar micro-switches I also bought Japanese made ones from Amazon for future replacement.

I heard there are red trackballs that old models used to have and these are of better quality. For longevity they are better and seems like they are becoming more rare to find.

I have used both, specifically an Evoluent handshake style and now a Logitech trackball. I would say it depends on the disability. The Evoluent was comfortable and worked well, but shifted pressure to the triquetral area of my hand (wrist below the pinky finger), which was painful. In terms of reducing elbow pain, it was great. The trackball keeps my hand more neutral, but I have a tendency to clutch at it (as one might with a regular mouse). It’s not quite as good at preventing elbow pain, but better at relieving wrist issues. Got VERY tired of knocking the Evoluent off the desk because of its height. All in all, I’d vote for the trackball. The learning curve on the trackball was, perhaps, a little steeper, but not much.

I have had the same issue that others have had. After a while the mouse started double-clicking instead of single clicking. Some have mentioned replacing a certain part of the mouse to fix it. Well, it’s not that easy to do. I ended up buying the Logitech M570, which I have had for about 6 months.
As far as trackball mouses are concerned, they are the only option if you want to use a mouse without a mouse pad, on a soft surface like when sitting on a couch with a laptop.

I have 2 of these trackballs – one for home and one for work. I can say, without a hint of cynicism, that they are awesome. I get mild carpal tunnel when using a trackpad or traditional mouse, and this trackball is just great. You do need to pop the ball out every once and a while to clean the gook out, but in general they are built like tanks. Buy it!

On Amazon for $27.95 with Prime free shipping and without the USB port extender. Pass.

I have owned this trackball. It’s the scroll ring that makes it awesome. I’ll never get another trackball mouse without a scroll ring. It’s that useful.

Kensington Expert Mouse. Large ball with a decent amount of mass, scroll ring, four buttons. I use one at work. It’s not quite as nice as the ones of days gone by (it definitely feels cheaper than the one I had 15-20 years ago) and the scroll wheel is a little gritty, but it works well.