Kensington PC Key LE Computer Protection System



BizRate has it… Compare…$20 and up

Shopzilla has it… part 1… $20 and up

Shopzilla has it part 2… $22 and up has it… there$20 and up

…so… shopzilla has a lot of listings… but in different categories… guess its a hard product to put a label on… but both those links go to lists of like 10 prices each or something… enjoy that… btw… don’t forget about Halloween Gift Baskets… for granny and such… hehe.


Back on-line after the magical Buffalo Blizzard of 2006. Did I miss anything? What’s that you say…a woot-off with a BOC?!?

Froogle Link Minimum Price $24.70

Yahoo! Shopping Link Minimum Price $29.09

Shopzilla Link Minimum Price $44.90

Amazon Customer Review Link Average Review 1/5 Stars

Manufacturer Page


got one, these are ok when they work.

a way better price than when i bought it, however. a savings of 22 dollars (over 70%)


The extension cord is more useful than the key is.
Might get this woot if the length of the cable is confirmed – possible good deal for the cable.


how does this even work??


has anyone ever used these and actually like them?? they just seem kind of pointless…


Ehh… Not a bad price, but is it necessary?


no mac support


Kensington PC Key LE Computer Protection System
$7.99+ $5 shipping

Price for after sale viewing

Frooglefy (Price range $30 to $50)


I think the USB extension cable alone is worth the price… looks to be a 4 or 6 foot extension. Many store charge over $10 for that cable alone.


w00t! Now I can protect my pr0n!!

I Froogled this and it looks like the same thing is selling for $29 and up… looks like a great woot price!


Hey cool, I can use my USB drive lock that I got a few weeks ago with this!



ok, so I lost my key.


Worse product idea ever. Woot, stop trying to sell this crap.


Why not use the Windows security feature to lock files???


i don’t quite understand how this even works… if it does at all…

i am really surprised this wasn’t in the woot off…


haha, sounds pretty cool, but kinda pointless. on top of that, no mac support.


By the way… what if you lose the USB dongle? …you’ll be in REAL trouble especially after those ‘tech support’ folks pull down the website lol


I can just imagine the HELL you would have to go through if you ever lost or misplaced the USB key… hours of phone menus and on hold with tech support trying to prove you are who you say you are and then trying to hack back into your own computer. No thanks


Looks kind of nifty…if I had something to hide. ~_~’