Kensington Pocket Presenter Wireless Presentation Device



check all the comparison shops on the blog… i was wondering if this was worth the woot… so i checked…
… short aswer, yes… long answer, on the blog… p.s… thank you for not being broken tonight woot forum.


Hooray! A… uh… remote?


Kensington Pocket Presenter Wireless Presentation Device
$14.99+ $5 shipping
1 Kensington Pocket Presenter Wireless 33132


no refurb?

no bluetooth?

no way!


Froogle prices…

Froogle Prices


I just saw this at Circuit City, it seems to be really nice.


Will this thing work with winamp or media player? Woot 1st page!


Nice remote, I bought mine about 4 years ago, paid $80 for it then…


But what about the poor guy, sitting closest to the lap top, who gets to push the Enter Key for the Next Slide … He’s outta job?? WHY?? WHY???


We use these at my work.Great product for power point. Highly recommended


These suck. Even for $20, it’s no bargain. A MUCH better alternative, even if it’s a few bucks more, is this one from Logitech:,CRID=2000,CONTENTID=9893


Id probably get one of these, because I’d get to use it maybe once…but if we’re standing near the front of our little presentation room, the projector is just shined in my face and I cant see anything anyways (and neither can they).

I dont have anything to add, sorry.


If I gave more presentations, then maybe this would be on it’s way to my house.

I guess this just isn’t aimed at the general public.


good price, but i think they are useless, if the computer has bluetooth you can use your phone, and if it doesn’t just use a mouse


will these work with winamp or win media?


I want a Bluetooth one so I dont need a stupid USB transmitter.


I got this for $5 after rebate from a few weeks ago. I love it. I use in my classroom with my SMART Board. It is an awesome tool!


does this work with windows media player?


I got one last summer from/for my organization. Works perfectly for powerpoint and, if I remember correctly, for quicktime as well.

If you’re in the market for one of these, this one’s good.