Kensington PocketMouse Optical Limited Edition (LE)

Just what I needed! Thanks woot!

Limited Edition? hrmmm sounds fancy…

pretty good mouse, i alreadyhave one

Limited to how many?

Comparative prices are much higher. Good deal.

2 foot cord is way short.

Hey, was that a Grapes of Wrath reference I just caught in that description?

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Kensington PocketMouse Optical Limited Edition (LE)
$3.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 1 Kensington 72218 PocketMouse Optical Limited Edition (LE)

BTW great “Of Mice and Men” allusion thar woot :wink:

Look at this you MAC guys… works with- Macintosh OS X

I’ve had one of these types of mice in the past, they work decent, the retractor thing wears out after use and gets a bit tied up at times, but it is handy if you really need a wired mouse. I honestly got annoyed with the cord and stopped using it.

The wireless one is way better:

can anyone say how this might compare to the Philips Optical Mini Mouse with Retractable Cord that was on here not to long ago? that one was up for $1.99.

This one looks a bit bigger?? the picture is probably deceiving though

I’ve had some ridiculous times with retractable cords like this one. Sometimes they go back on track if they get off, but other times…well…you’re just about set on throwing it out!

Cute and cheap. I’d consider it if I didn’t already have several better mice. Also, it’s probably crap.

I’m in for one… I actually have a mini mouse with a retractable for my laptop that’s going. This will be a great replacement for it when I’m on the go and don’t want to take my wireless.

how far from your laptop do you get??

Oh, darn it, I knew I was close.

It’ll be 2 for $1.99 during the woot-off, they’ve done that many times