Kensington Portable Universal Docking Station



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Kensington Portable Universal Docking Station
$34.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
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Some other pricery…
SecretPrices … $49.95

PriceGrabber … $49.95

Froogle … $49.95


tested one of these at the office a while back, they seem to work fairly well


Does it work in Europe?


Got one, works ok. For those non docking station PCs. Sucks that it has to have own power supply. Originally paid $60 when I purchased the laptop from Dell.


froogle link
lowest is 37.77 but that is e-bay
goes up to 50 afgter that — not a bad woot


what does it do?


Hmmm… I just got a laptop, maybe… but it works fine as it is. I wonder about this statement though under requirements:
Hi-speed USB 2.0 port (Docking Station will function on USB 1.x port but only at USB 1.x speeds)

Does that mean there are items out there that run on USB 2.0 speed on a 1.x port? If not, then why say it?

Oh, NM… saw some of the comments on the NASCAR w00t… gotta be careful with some w00ters out there…


Careful Mac lovers and fans alike. This bad boy (a nice woot, really, never ment no harm) just may be incompatable.

You have been warned.

Ahh a hope for all MacFanboys
this site claims to be os X 10.1 or better. Only one site but it make sense.


Does it really come with a Serial port?

(I know it says that in description, but I wanted to know if it is true)


I think that this is a sweet deal compared to what amazon is listing it as!!! I not getting one though…LOL.


I’ve attempted to use these at work. Huge headache. I have to reinstall the USB to serial drivers on one machine nearly weekly.

A docking station/decent port replicator will get you a video connection for your monitor as well. This is just silly.


man, I would get one of those just for the serial port… I almost forgot about RS232…


These are selling for $33 buy-it-now plus 9 shipping on ebay.

Get it on ebay for 42, get it here for 39. This isn’t a good woot at all.

OMGWTFBBQ Long Ebay linkage


interesting… but i see issues piping your 10/100/1000mbps ethernet through a usb line…
also, most printers today are usb anywa, so a simple usb hub would solve the problem. same goes for keyboards and mice. get usb devices and a hub and there’s your cheap solution.


It sounds like you can’t connect a monitor? Anyone know about this?


If you don’t need the ethernet port, then here is an excellent alternative for $10 + shipping:


I miss the woot casts =(


This seems kinda silly, it uses 1 usb port to give you 2 usb ports, 1 parallel (few devices use this anymore), 1 serial (few devices use this anymore) and 1 ethernet port (most if not all laptops have this built in)