Kensington Pro Gaming Mouse and Splinter Cell Game


Welcome to the Pilot Mouse Pro Gaming Mouse and Splinter Cell topic page for this product on Thursday, July 22th 2004. Please post your questions, experiences, or pricing comments for the Pro Gaming Mouse and Splinter Cell Combo here.

  • edit, added 2004, but many other articles from 2004 don’t have that -


Ummm…what happend to this deal?


Agreed :?: :frowning: :!:


[see charge-it post for other explaination]

we rushed to bring you a great deal on this item today, but we didn’t change the charge-it to tomorrows date. doh.

[b]tell you what - first person to post tomorrow’s price on this item in this message board will get one of these free. I will tell you that it is an even dollar amount. Check market price and guess how low we can sell these!

Let’s do this only 1 guess per post and only 1 guess per user. The winning dollar amount will be seen upon item release, and we’ll post a list of winners tomorrow morning. We will print/save the message board status before item release, so don’t bother coming back to edit your post. Also, please don’t take the opportunity to try to create bogus accounts - this isn’t that exciting.[/b]

edit: since spec is not visible yet, here is the exact model on a pricegrabber link:

edit2 (12:15pm cst): wow, nice to hear from lots of you out there! as I think everyone understood, you are guessing the price before the $5 shipping charge. You can change your guess by editing your original message, or post a new one. we will consider the latest guess you make to be your final answer.

edit3: in case you don’t read the other follow up post a few down from this, the contest changed to ‘all users posting the correct price win’ instead of the first user.

posting/ordering problems earlier this morning have been repaired.

[color=blue:72b22e25cf][size=18:72b22e25cf]BigD has the official winners posted on topic page 18 - thanks for playing![/size:72b22e25cf][/color]


$20 :o


It’s probably $20, but I’ll guess $18. Do we have a Price-Is-Right-esque “closest without going over” clause?

If so, I’m guessing $5. :twisted:

EDIT: Scratch my guess… I’m gonna say $25, because I didn’t even see the PriceGrabber Link. DOH!




instead of the first poster to list the correct price, all posters who list the correct price as of this evening at 12am will get a free mouse/splinter cell bundle (new, retail boxed, btw)

thanks for making our mistake fun guys :smiley:


$16 !






19.00 ???






30 bucks


my guess, $13.00

thanx for the lovely ms mice n keyboards guys.
i have two @ the office now & 1 @ home :-).





I’ll go for $22. :lol:




Hmmm I’m gonna guess 25 bucks (but if we’re counting the pennies my official guess is 24.99)