Kensington SuperShelf Plus


Welcome to the Kensington SuperShelf Plus topic page for Wednesday, August 25th. Please post your questions, experiences, or pricing comments for the Kensington SuperShelf Plus here.


Laaaame. But if I were in the market for one, it’s not so bad. ;p

Update: I totally take it back. I just found out my parents (I’m a teenager; don’t make fun of me!) want to put the computer on this old antique desk that doesn’t have a keyboard tray. So this is a solution! First the car charger, now this. Woot KNOWS when I need certain items, even before I do! What other websites can say the same?


This deal sucks




This is actually a good deal if I needed it. Thanks anyway. Good night Wooters!

Edit: It might be a bad deal if you don’t need it, but considering these sell at Staples for $30 for the keyboard and $49.99 for the desk organizer this would be a great deal.


Official woot price = $19.99

I stayed up for this?


Woot Official Price: $19.99!
+$5.00 Shipping


I think I have one of these already…it came with the computer desk. :shock:

Not a bad deal if your work don’t supply these.


Pretty Sweet deal for someone who needs it… did you guys sell your souls to Kensington or something? :lol:


Is this a good deal?


not that great…lowest price on Froogle is $27.04


not much cheaper then it’s actual price


What is up with Woot! and Kensington? Geez, quit swinging from their nuts and get some products from other companies.


official price = 19.99


This would probably be more appealing if it was listed as Microsoft multimedia keyboard with free Kensington shelf.


This thing is absolutely craptacular! My desk already comes with a keyboard shelf, any decent computer desk does. Can’t believe I stayed up for this. :evil:


The cheapest I have found that tray so far is $30 plus shipping. The keyboard I could find for around $12-15 plus shipping.

Definately a deal if you could use this. Unfortunately I don’t have enough clearance to be able to put my monitor on this. :frowning: oh well. There’s always tomorrow’s deal.


this product at this price makes me horny


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