Kensington SX2000 Speaker Dock for iPod



w00t im tired of ipod crap… the speaker looks like a solar panel ;). Plus I hate ipods there just about as bad as the razr (i have a razr but i bought it before it became a big “fad”).


For future reference:

Kensington SX2000 Speaker Dock for iPod

$69.99+ $5 shipping

condition: New

product(s): 1 Kensington SX2000 Speaker Dock for iPod 33165


I’m saving up for the JBL On Time. This looks cheapo.


Anyone else as sick of iPods as I am?


List price $160

But froogle says around $110

Seems to be $90 on ebay

good woot


that’s all big and ugly… way too big. and ugly.

where have all the good woots gone?


all the ipod/iriver things are getting a little old…

lets see some good stuff


Does it come with a free iPod?


Kensington must be having a blow-out sale


Unless that is a flat screen monitoe for video NO WAY We buy iPods for size!!!


Pretty useless. There are better out there


hate to be off topic, but it’s precisely 01:02:03 04/05/06 (for us EST wooters)! go woot!


The pressure, oh the pressure to buy an ipod. Is it that important for survival?


Does this fit all ipods?


not a bad price… lowest on froogle is $108.99 + shipping; unfortunately i don’t have an ipod.



Great. Another crappy iPod accesory. Cause we all love iPods. Hey, if u noiced the username ‘iDont’ that i have, it speaks volumes about this woot.


Is this stereo?

Cause I only see one speaker…

Wow, 70 bucks for a mono system…


at this point, who buys more ipod accessories, it’s like buying air: It’s everywhere and mostly useless and polluted.


Why don’t you sell more iRiver accessories? It would seem prudent, given that you’ve sold iRiver media players on at least 5 occassions.

Food for thought…