Kensington USB 2.0 PocketHub w/AC Adapter 2 Pack



good deal for a two pack, although i’d rather not have AC powered ones


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Kensington USB 2.0 PocketHub w/AC Adapter 2 Pack
$11.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 2 Kensington USB 2.0 PocketHub w/AC Adapter 33054


seems like a good buy. But I had 4 hubs stolen off my cheby…


How long is the cord from the hub that we use to plug into the computer?


i have the EXACT same ones… they BROKE down/ stop working after 7months… before that… it actually work fine.


I need one of these. And not just to run the 2 webcams I got from Woot! a few weeks ago.

And that first word verification did too say “snarky”.


what do these things do anyway? can i charge my phone with this?


USB 2.0 hubs usually cost this much for just one of them. Not a bad woot. I can never seem to have enough USB ports… I’ve got all four on the back of my USB 2.0 PCI card full, plus four out of the five on the back of my USB 2.0 HUB…

I guess if you were really feeling funky, you could link the two together in a little circle… or buy six of them, plug one in - and make a gigantic USB ring to have a dork seance in…

The possibilities are truly endless…


The AC is optional.


is it required you plug this thing in to a power outlet to use it?


Not bad, good price and you get 2 of them.
2 bad I don’t need them. Now who the heck needs 10 of them?

G’night and Good Luck!


Got two - have a couple of computers that I can plug into. Needed USB 2.0


guess Ima sucker…how many words do I have to type?..I have done 10 so far…
I think this is good…I got 1 for a friend…and yet again I am adding to the laptop acc collection…before I buy it…phase 2 complete…


21.99 seems best price for ONE on pricegrabber.

Not bad, need a hub for my office, nice portability for my laptop. In for 1 (2-pack, that is).


At Amazon, one for $30, including shipping


“Also works in bus powered mode”

So this is a pretty good woot…too bad I don’t need one…let alone two :frowning: Good woot IMO

amused that my generated word is “whizbang”


Is the A/C Adapter required?


nice woot… too bad I just bought a cheesy 1.1 hub from target for like $9… otherwise i’d be all over this one.


Great for my laptops, never have enough ports on a laptop… Im in for 2, I guess that actually means 4