Kensington USB Bluetooth Adaptor


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Item qty: 2250, Last Order: 8:29 AM CST, Wooter to blame: bsoderstrom
Order Pace: 0m 13.597s, Woot Wage: $3,968.80/hour.


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Quality Posts (a few posts we stumbled upon that look particularly helpful to others):
[]jodeca says “this is a great price for a BT dongle” and suggests some uses.
]slushfamily finds some of these on eBay.
[]Milton Waddams points us to some “crappy” Froogle reviews.
]From north of the border, goillini explains why he jumped on this deal.


s aight… dont know why you just wouldnt plug the seven things in… I have six usb ports on the back of my tower and four on front… if you need more, you need help…


cheaper on fatwallet


nice i will buy


Got one


NIce and cheap. No need for one tho.


Hmmm… do I need a Dongle? let me think, will my life be better if i had a bluetooth dongle? or should I take that twenty, go down to the slimier side of town, swill some inexpensive vino, and find a blue-hair with a goldtooth, and see if she needs a Dongle??? which would be a better use of my fundage…

?well yet again gonna pass… thanks though woot


Nice - Kensington USB Bluetooth Adaptor is something I was looking for - I’m in for one!


Got one!


what the hell do i use that for


Seems like this woot could be found cheaper in other places??


no need for one with my powerbook but yay.


no bluetooth here… i pass


[quote user=“bpstation14”]cheaper on fatwallet [/quote]fatwallet has v1.1 only, this is 1.1 or 1.2


dammit, just bought one from 's no shipping special this weekend. crapola.


I want it BAD!!! But I don’t have any use for it. WHAAAAAAAA!


haha, even I laughed at that one…


hmmmm…don’t think so


To highlight stuff ; )