Kensington Wi-Fi Finder 2 Pack



Dear Woot!
I know i’m still new here, but I need to take tomorrow off from my usual magic linkage making. If i’m fired, I understand.
- Yankees368 :slight_smile:

Froogle Link $7.92 Minimun X2 = $15.84

Yahoo! Shopping Link $4.99 Minimum X 2 = $9.98

Shopzilla Link $7.92 Minimum X 2 = $15.84

Amazon Customer Review Link Average Customer Rating 1.5/5 Stars

Manufacturer Page $19.99 X 2 = $39.98 Minimum Direct


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Kensington Wi-Fi Finder 2 Pack
$9.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 2 Kensington Wi-Fi Finders 33063


Nice if you wardrive.


who needs 2 of these??? Give me a break Woot!


no thanks mac’s come with it… i love my mac


I had one of these Kensington models and it never seemed to work right. I gave up on it.


I own one thats an upgraded version of this - nice - but not practical

in my bedroom at my appartment, i get signal strengths sometimes of medium! - and i have a router 3 feet away!!!

The thing is it doesn’t say if its secured or not (mine doesnt)

not same model but yeah - there is a much nicer one elsewhere - not even worth $7.50 each (after shipping)


Sweet always wanted one of these and now I have two!


Compare this deal at SecretPrices

Also, PriceGrabber has some more prices.

PS. Yankee- I believe Yahoo! Shopping’s price of $4.99 from TD is wrong.


Shopzilla LInk… 27 stores.

BizRate Link…15 stores.

Nextag Link…2 stores.… horrible price.

good job woot. I’m so proud.

If its ok with you, I’d be happy to pick up the slack. I can take on the challenge and create the most awesome useful links ever. i know i can.


…or i could just walk around pointing my laptop at the sky until it beeps, letting me know i have a signal.

Way to go, woot. Maybe I’ll buy eight.


Woo! I got 1…er… 2


Wardriving here I come! Does it also detect WEP keys?

What are the power options?

…but why two?


Too bad I’ve already got one (that was free after rebate). Still, not a bad price for two.


Too bad I have one and don’t use it. I bought WI-SPY. and love it…


These are like chick magnets! I got one for me and my buddies. Now we can find where to go to get free woot access/download stuff…


before you cruise the neighborhood searching for un-encrypted networks, you should know that it is illegal to use someone else’s wireless connection without permission. i agree that if they dont secure it, they should deal with what they get, but IF you get caught you MAY be prosecuted. successful prosecutions have already been completed in a handful of states, so dont think it cant happen.

Nelson Muntz

  • Ha ha


WiFi You are here

what the heck is aone useful for?
let alone two?


nah, i have no use for this…and they have better ones that tell you encryption and ssid and also work with bluetooth