Kensington Wireless Optical Mouse



Not bad, gonna sit and ponder over this one for a few minutes to consider buying it since i hate wires all over my desk!


For THAT price I expect it to wash my car… oh wait… thats 3.99 not 39.99 <.<

Maybe it’s made out of generic coke cans?


cool cheap but got plenty of them


this is truely a woot for the ages, excellent price excellent woot


damn thats super cheap for wireless mice


Not a fan of wireless. (bleh to batteries) Nice price I suppose.


I’ll never buy a non-rechargable mouse again. I swear… playing 5 hands of online poker and your batteries die… never again.


I didn’t know people still used mice. i thought we were all on laptops.


Anybody have or had this. Seems like a deal…but who knows. Ya know?


Ohhh something that has an actual use… and a really good price I may just buy 1

Thanks for getting something better than 95 Hockey Woot!!!


Perfect for my 7 year old son. At 3.99 if it get’s lost or broken, I won’t care.


If for nothing else, it would be a really good gift for a cheap price.


Looks like $25 retail, good woot if you need one.


one can buy one? wow, lets see how fast these go.


Kensington makes some nice stuff. If this had a couple more buttons, I’d be all over it. As is, I’ll have to think about it.


limit to 1 per order?


Almost pulled the trigger, but then realized it lacks the extra thumb buttons.


Optical, laser, dpi, anyone, any good? Gamer? or Worker?


Awesome price, but i dont need it, my Logitech MX700 from ebay is just fine