Kensington Wireless Optical USB Desktop for Mac



phew… good thing i stuck with woot… hot useful links abound… starting now…

Shopzilla… choose from 28 stores… $57 dollars

BizRate… choose from $15 stores… from $58… choose from 5 stores… $58 dollars… choose from 6 stores… $60 dollars

5/10 on CNET… from only one user rating

…in short… just go on and check out ALL Keyboard/Mouse Combos UNDER $30 on BizRate… and you tell me if you see anything better.


wow something for a mac


OMG its for MAC
Its not refororororurb
and its 5 yr warranty!


Is today’s product for the new sweet, sweet Mac Traffic? :slight_smile:


A slice of pricing…
SecretPrices … $58
Froogle … $55.49
NexTag … $57.49
PriceGrabber … $57.49

No tax, sales, etc. Auction/marketplace prices not included.

Ewww, for the Mac… For you Mac users here are some other options…


Its not rechargeable!!!.. Hello buying batteries!!!


I have no apples today. But for those of you who do, nice deal:

Kensington Wireless Optical Desktop for Mac - Keyboard … - $67.29 - RedOrbit
Kensington Wireless Optical Desktop for Mac - $67.99 - CompUSA
Kensington - 64354 - Wireless Optical Desktop- Mac - $72.62 -


$50 at Pricegrabber

$59 at Sprenzy

3 out of 5 stars at Amazon discussion of Kensington wireless keyboard issues (older model)

Other Mac wireless keyboard and miceoptions starting at $29


Best description ever! I am a long time, die hard Mac user and I am still giggling over that painting the bricks white thing. Personally I’d make a brick out of brushed aluminum, but that’s just me. I know I’m somewhat of a rare breed, a Mac user who can take a slew of jokes at Mac people, but I have to hand it to you, that was brilliant. I’m not gonna buy this woot as I have an Apple wireless keyboard already, in all its whitey goodness, but I know from experience that it’s a great product. Kensington makes good Mac stuff, but what set them apart is that they aren’t exclusive. Pretty much everything they offer that is Mac oriented is also made from the get go to work with Windows and Linux boxes.

Now let the Mac bashing begin! (I’m not trying to incite anything, just preparing for the inevitable)


anyone know if it’s bluetooth? if you dont know i will answer my own question later


WHOOPS!!! MY BAD… sorry the transmitter houses a battery charger… blushes


This sounds great, but I’m going to keep throwing my white bricks until we get something that is ONLY mac compatible! Anyone else with me?


Wireless receiver features a built-in battery charger so you will always have a fresh set of batteries

ooh… you caught it in time…well good for you!


is this pc compatible?


Stupid redirection mischief.

But HUZZAH! Finally something Maccy! Now I can move away from my stupid painted over keyboard and mouse to something that actually is designed for it. What a concept.

Thanks, wootizens, it’s amaczing!


why would they run a product that only 10% of the population could use?


I am a proud iMac owner, but don’t know if I actually want/need a wireless keyboard+mouse.

Plus, I really like my existing corded mighty mouse and its 360 degree scroll ball.

It’s a good price, though…



Not bluetooth. It has an rf receiver that connects to a USB port. The receiver is also a battery charger so you’ll always have a good charge available.


Does this work for a PC?

LOL, j/k