Kent Rasmussen 2008 Esoterica Petite Sirah

Kent Rasmussen 2008 Esoterica Petite Sirah
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PRODUCT: 3 2008 Esoterica Petite Sirah
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Missed it on Friday … Not a mistake I’ll repeat. In for 2

Wow! How time flies. Seemed like it was just four days ago.

OK, Cellar check. Who has still got at least one of these tucked away in the back for another 13 years?

This guy…

This is excellent stuff. I haven’t had the 2008, but the 2007 is outstanding, even as a child.

The grapes for this come from the Leeds-Chavez vineyark in the heart of the Napa Valley between Rutherford and St. Helena - just down the road from Cathy Corison’s. A part of the vineyard is planted with old, mostly head-trained Pets (as Frank Leeds - whom 2008 Tourists will recall as the partner at Frogs Leap who gave us our tour - calls it). The fact the entire vineyard has not been replanted with Cabernet or Merlot, which fetch two to three times as much per ton, is a testament to Frank’s love of Petite Sirah.

When you combine Kent’s talented winemaking with Frank’s beautifully tended fruit (my daughter and his are friends from college, and I have been in this vineyard many times), the result is a very well-made, long-lived and interesting, PS.

Me too, excited! Though only for 1, my cellar doth runneth over.

Would be in…if I hadn’t bought three of these during last week’s PS woot-off. Hopefully they’ll have some other offerings from this label later today!

I missed it last weekend too. But definitely not this week. :slight_smile:
I just love it.

Aha! I actually got a Q and a P (take that, Woot filters!) on Friday for my anguished cry about missing it by seconds. But not this time - good thing I rolled out of bed at the right moment!

We LOVED this 2008. We managed to save one bottle for the cellar and it’s exciting to see it again! In for one only because I’m running out of room but this is some fabulous wine. It’s hard to imagine we’ll be able to save and ignore it for a few years, but if we do I suspect it’ll only be even better!

Missed it twice in the matter of only a few days!? Sad face indeed.

Ordered 3 during the DD woot off, would have order 3 more but I missed this =(

I did not buy during the woot-off. I have 5 left in the cooler and polished off one tonight. This is amazing wine on your tongue.

Wonderful is a mild statement on this wine. Kicks ass is a bit more accurate.
My bride and I (62 yrs of enjoying life and wines) let me value this wine. It matches and exceeds some of the fancier wines in the cooler.

The remaining bottles will be shared with my bride and friends over the next few years. I suspect these will get better over the next 10 years at lesst, as the tannins have the strength to go the time. Thanks to the wine makers, as they created perfection in each bottle. They get all the credit, I get incredible flavors and enhancements to my meals.