Kent Rasmussen 2008 Esoterica Petite Syrah - 3 Pack

Kent Rasmussen 2008 Esoterica Petite Syrah - 3 Pack
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PRODUCT: 3 2008 Esoterica Petite Sirah
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Kent Rasmussen 2008 Esoterica Petite Syrah - 3 Pack

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I be fast and PetiteSirah be slow!!! :happy:

And that’s ordering 3 sets as well!

Phooey no MD shipping :frowning:

Courtesy of CJ:

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I still haven’t opened any from the last offer. For those who have tasted these, is there any consensus on the 2008 vs the 2007?" width=400

These are the wines you want. Just be aware that these need time to breathe if you open them. Around 10 years they can go into a dumb phase for 10 to 15 years. But they come out of it wonderfully!!

Someone shared this link last time on Decanting Syrah and Petite Sirah. And yes, they are two different varietals.

Edit: For more info on PS, read PetiteSirah’s (formerly known as Loweeel) blog, The PSycho’s Path

Nice work, DaSpark!

This is an absolute must-buy. An amazing wine from a wonderful winemaker and a great guy to boot.

We’re as lucky to have kent as we are to have his awesome wine. If this doesn’t sell out by noon I will be shocked and appalled.

In for three even though I am doing this on my DROID while trying a case in san diego

Is your clicker finger still smoking from that fast response?

Ah, forgot about that!! Still, I will take my victory, small as it is.

If you get time, let me know, so I can drop by my locker and try to find the 2006 Munch Sea Horse PS.

Thank you kindly!!

Nah … I’ve had faster. But had to order 3 sets of this sublime wine.

This is great wine to lay down for someone’s 25th or 30th birthday. Or later!

I’d contribute to the sellout if my October wine purchasing wasn’t completely out of hand… the 2007 got some really high marks from the tasting publications. 2008 was a great vintage for Napa, but always seems to be overshadowed by 2007. If any Boulder w.wooters want to share this please speak up!

Woo Hoo- in for one. I am just getting into the dark side. Sounds like this will be a great way to slide further down that path.

Love the other Esoterica’s and KR wines ordered in the past.

Now I can go to bed!

Got my set! Thanks Kent and wine David!

Haven’t had this vintage, but I’m sure it’s as tasty as the prior editions. Looking forward to trying it well before its time and then laying the rest down for a long long sleep.

As sparky said, these are the wines you want.

There were some of this vintage in the last wooting of Kent’s Petite Sirah. (wootmonkeys, note spelling).

I have a question for “y’all”. How old, or young, do you drink your PSes? I want to keep some, but I know PS tells us there’s a dumb period for these. These are drinking beautifully now (well the 07s are), but Kent says they will also keep a long log time. I’m thinking of keeping a few for 20 years…

IIRC, any PS drunk before 4 or 5 years is infanticide (to PetiteSirah). Also I seem to recall Kent indicating PS can enter it’s dumb phase anywhere from 10 to 15 years or so, and it can last around 10 years.

So if you open one early, it’s going to need a lot of decanting to open up properly.

But PS will correct me, if I have it too early.

Didn’t this guy play for the Oakland A’s?

Esoterica on a Monday? Is this going to be one of those SIWBM busting weeks? Do I need a new line of credit? Corison on Wednesday?

Seriously, as Sparky & PS have said, this is an auto-buy. I LOVE this stuff & KR is one of our favorite & regular in-house knowledge droppers. Good wine from good people!

I bought this in the previous offer (two '07 and one 08). I opened an 07 and it was very good despite my mistake of opening it in a restaurant and otherwise mishandling it. I resolved to let the other two bottles reach adolescence, and moved them down to the “patience is rewarded” section of my storage.