Kent Rasmussen Esoterica 2008 Vermelho Forte 500ml - 3 Pack

Kent Rasmussen Esoterica 2008 Vermelho Forte 500ml - 3 Pack
$49.99 + $5 shipping
PRODUCT: 3 2008 Vermelho Forte, 500ml Bottles
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Edit #1: Type changed from sweet/dessert to red-fortified (Thanks HAK).
Edit #2: Thanks to whoever added the label and varietal breakdown.

sonnuva?! I resisted the Woot Cellars, but can I resist a KR Port?!

> 24 months in old, charred 50-gallon Bourbon barrels

I’m intrigued by this, but not quite sure I need any “port” right now.

In for one! Wish I could do more but alas! Who knows what’s next? I am soo bummed about missing the Woot Cellars…I even got up early and still missed it.

Oh well…I’ll get even…heh heh…I am buying EVERYTHING from now on!

I know there’s lots of love out there for past KR Port offerings. Anybody with that experience care to share?

This really looks interesting!

Well, I have the best boyfriend ever. He buys wine :slight_smile:

Is this treated like a vintage port (cellar for years) or ready to drink now?

$25 a bottle from the winery.

Essentially, Woot 2, get one free. :slight_smile:

I’m in; I love Port wines :slight_smile:

Klez - you or any other SF bay area wooter interested in a split?

Being a novice, and never really had a port, can somebody with someone knowledge fill me in on this?

Is this going to be sweet (ports are usually in the dessert spectrum right?) or something else? Syrupy or not?

I realize that KR is usually an auto-buy and I got the 2006 Esoterica Late Harvest Viognier and enjoyed that (have two bottles stashed away. I also bought the Meyers Family Port back in June based on recommendations and my wanting to try some decent port, but have kept that shelved for the time being.

What is the drinking window on this? I’m guessing since it is a port, the longer it sits the better it will get, but what if I want to drink some of this for xmas?

Also does this, or any other port need aerated/decanted like most reds?

Thanks in advance, I’m likely in regardless of the answers!

Could you tell me how the PH# and Sugar# affect this type of wine?

I live in SF proper (near union square) and would be interested in taking one.

Just reminding everyone to remember when entering your purchase on CellarTracker to use the 500ml size option.
I almost forgot myself. Actually, I did forget and had to go back and edit my purchase to change it from the default 750ml.

So I’m thinking to myself…since when does WW have a size option on their order page? …then…oh, talkin about entering the purchase in CellarTracker…uh, nevermind…

Oh no…my wallets been getting a hurting this past week (too many good deals out there???). I’m overflowing with good libations :slight_smile:

I can’t wait to try the Blitzen and the Quady Winery sampler!

Maybe…I’m waiting on more info for this. Molarchae said she’d take a bottle as well.

Arg. I barely missed the Woot Cellars (hoping there’s some left for the next woot-off!) and now another KR offering that’s Vermont-less. Is there something about the KR label itself that isn’t VT-eligible? The recent RAMSAY wines have been shippable.