Kent Rasmussen Esoterica 2009 Grenache Rosé - 3 Pack

Kent Rasmussen Esoterica 2009 Grenache Rosé - 3 Pack
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PRODUCT: 3 Kent Rasmussen Esoterica 2009 Grenache Rose
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Bah, and I thought it was going to be Inzinerator, not sure how the clue and the offering relate. Also how the heck does Cesare get his links up so fast?

In other news the wine looks interesting, and the price is tempting.

Is this the Rose we tasted on the 2010 RPM Wine Tour?

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Darn you siwbm … and we should have known old school would be Kent (Clark)

As in Clark Kent … Superman’s alter ego

Yes, barrel sample. See Richard’s CT note.

Kent, I love you, but you’re going to have to convince me on this one.

Courtesy of CJ:

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Kent = autobuy. In for 2, even without this heinous weather.

Really looking forward to seeing what one of my favorite winemakers does with rose (IMO, the best use for grenache, outside of priorat).

Truly a no-brainer. Thanks to Kent to making this available to us and to WD for hooking us up with this!

Oh, yum! In for 2!

Hm. I love Scott Harvey’s Grenache rose. And a misunderstanding with some workers at my house led to half a case of that spoiling in the heat when they moved it outside to work.

Since I’m sure there’s people who can compare, is this likely to sooth my pain over this?

I absolutely love a dry Grenache Rose on a hot summer day! Kent, why the blue bottle? My buddy who’s a winemaker here in New Mexico got some blue bottles by accident one year, and went ahead and used them for his Symphony, turns out he sold the bejazus out of them partially because of the memorability of that bottle.

Damn it, another esoterica. I had to buy the rousanne esoterica during the wootoff and can’t spend more!

Wow I’ve never seen Rose packaged in a blue bottle before!

I’m also eagerly awaiting Kent’s MD shipping license to go through…

Hi, this is Kent

Indeed, this is the same wine that you-all tasted when you were here. It is great! It isn’t one of those Roses made from draw-off juice…it is a wonderful bright, light, refreshing Rose made as a Rose and nothing but a Rose. You would be crazy not to like this wine…it is perfect! (Or so I say…and I have drunk more of this wine than any other I have made for years…so I know!)

BLUE IS BEAUTIFUL! Seriously, I have always thought that blue bottles are really pretty. This was a tiny lot of wine, so…why not? I wish that we could bottle more in blue bottles. For years we made a Dolcetto in a blue bottle…I miss it!


Hi Kent, Pretty bottles! Question… what is the drinking window on these, or perhaps better asked as, how long can we keep these beauties around (assuming sufficient willpower), or about how long until they might no longer be at their peak of scrumptiousness? Thanks!

Hi All

This is Kent writing.

Let me tell you a little about this wine.

I have always liked crisp, dead-dry and very delicate Roses. Unfortunately they are few and far between here in California. The reason for this is that most roses are made as a by-product of red winemaking. A common thing for winemakers to do (and I do it too) is to remove a portion of the juice from the red wine fermentor right after crushing. The result of this is to increase the concentration of the juice that remains in the fermentor (remember that all red grapes have white juice and that all the color and most of the flavor of red wine comes from the skins…thus less juice makes for more flavor if you remove the juice right after crushing). This presents the winemaker with a problem…what to do with the draw-off juice? It is a ecological and financial shame to throw it away…but what to do with it. Most wineries simply turn it into rose. This isn’t a horrible thing, but it rarely makes a great wine…problem is that you are picking the grapes at the moment they are best for RED wine, not for ROSE wine. Generally this is a much riper level…and the result, while rarely bad, is not delicate. Wines made from draw-off juice are generally fairly ham-fisted.

This wine was made as a rose from the start. The grapes are from a very old vineyard in Mendocino County. I harvested them at a low ripeness because I wanted to make a rose out of them from the start. They were pressed using a “Champagne” cycle in our most gentle press (thus the very very light color) and then fermented extremely cold to preserve the delicacy of the fruit.

This is what a rose should taste like. Bright, delicate and clean. Served cold it is the most refreshing wine you will ever have!


A good question. I would say that this wine is a drink sooner-than-later wine. This summer would be perfect, next would be fine too. After that, I just don’t know. Some very light roses age well, others do not. Heck, this is rose…you should be drinking it, not talking about it!!