Kent Rasmussen Esoterica 2009 Roussanne - 3 Pack

Kent Rasmussen Esoterica 2009 Roussanne - 3 Pack
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PRODUCT: 3 Kent Rasmussen Esoterica 2009 Roussanne
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I forgot about the Roussanne. On their fb page, they said:

“…our 2009 Esoterica Roussanne ($20) is bright and crisp, with exotic lemon and a hint of mineral.”
and also
“The Roussanne is yummy - the perfect pairing with typical holiday appetizers, and very palate-cleansing (you know how we are about acidity, here at KRW…)”

This here on woot is $15 a bottle including shipping, which is at least 25% off, probably a lot more if you add shipping and taxen.

See, I told you it was Esoterica.

That one was WAY too easy, WD.

$20/bot from the winery website but on their website they only list shipping to the following states:
New Hampshire
North Carolina
New York
New Mexico

Why is there a discrepancy between woot’s list and the winery’s?

Also I’ve never tried Roussanne, what would some of you veterans liken it to?

can someone fill me in on the facebook woot?


Grr, mighta had first sucker if I didn’t have to change my shipping address first. :frowning: Oh well. I did finally get to use my Woot Bday code. :happy:
Three sets now set to be coming my way. Though one set for my dear cheron98, and a bottle for cesare. And mom will probably get a bottle or two, also. :slight_smile:

We drank a Zaca Mesa 2007 Roussanne last night, REALLY enjoyed it. Didn’t take notes, but highly rec’d trying this. We had it with some pesto pasta and it paired really well.

This varietal is typically blended in French Rhone whites. Not sure if they often bottle it straight up over there.

Blend: 99.6% Roussanne-.4% Viognier

I wonder what the point of this is?

I’m just a novice, but this seems kinda trivial - can a 0.4% blend impact flavor in a meaningful way? I’ll have to tune up my palette…

First sucker is determined only by when you pushed the big yellow button (or the equivalent); well, as long as you complete the transaction in a reasonable amount of time.

It’s why the first sucker sometimes changes; person who pushed first took longer to complete the transaction.

Maybe someone tripped up and dropped half a barrel of Viognier in the mixing tank :smiley:

But seriously, the Roussanne grapes are from PASO ROBLES! And yet the adicidy at bottling was pH3.3. Quite an achievement, and from the figs (.7 TA too) must be nice and crisp as they say!

Moving to Boston from SF in a month and a half.

:sees no MA on the list of states:

Is THIS what I have to look forward to?! NOOOOOOO!!!

Somehow I’ve missed all the KR offers in the past, so I’m not about to pass this one up, even though I lean heavily toward reds.

Plus I like the whole concept of the Esoterica line, and I’ve never had Roussanne before.

In for 2!

It tends to be on the heavier spectrum of whites. I’d likened it to a Viogner, although I think that it is less oily. All of these things can obviously be manipulated via stylistic choices, but generally speaking…

If you are a chard drinker, this should be an interesting change, although along the same style. If you’re an SB drinker, you will likely find this to be bigger bodied and richer.

meh was gonna be in for 1 till I saw rousanne. still have 3 more bottles of the wellington rousanne and wasnt blown away and gf really disliked.

Sold! I’ve been recently very interested in “round” chards, so this sounds like a great experiment.

I didn’t like the Wellington that much either (and I love or like most Wellington wines), but that could be personal preference against the grape varietal. His Roussanne was 14.5% alcohol (KR’s at 13.8%) and pH3.5, which is probably half as acidic as this KR Roussanne(pH is a logarithmic scale). So this promises to be very different, cleaner, brighter. So much so, that I do want to try it, certainly.

Flavor? Not so much. Aromatics? Quite a bit actually. Surprisingly greater than the amount would suggest.

In Côte Rotie and Australia, they’ll put 4% Viognier into heavily-earthy-leathery Syrah (Shiraz) and the nose is affected significantly: floral tends to be a frequent description.

With a white grape that while having its own aromatics is far less overwhelmingly “stinky” than Syrah, a tenth of that usual dose would add quite a bit to the nose.

That’s my educated guess.


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