Kent Rasmussen Esoterica 2009 Roussanne - 3 Pack

Kent Rasmussen Esoterica 2009 Roussanne - 3 Pack
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PRODUCT: 3 Kent Rasmussen Esoterica 2009 Roussanne
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Yikes! Hide your kids, hide your wife, hide your wallet.

A Thursday woot-off? I can’t even try to pay attention tomorrow :stuck_out_tongue:

Roussanne gets a big nod as an oddball varietal. Wish I didn’t just commit to some other CDP juice…

I missed this one during the last offer. I loved the esoterica PS. Anyone who got the last one want to chime in about this?

Don’t you know I have to drive all day, Woot!? Is refreshing while driving as bad as texting while driving?..

“They wootin’ eyer-body upin’ heyah”

I do like Roussanne, but I haven’t even opened a bottle of this yet… Darn you, Woot, this is too soon!

Missed it last time; didn’t see anyone’s tasting notes, and am still excited to get a second chance at another Kent Rasmussen for my collection. This is only my third purchase of Kent’s great wines, but the first, his Ramsay 2007 Cab, made me a true believer and began the parade of Fedex boxes that are stacking up in the spare bedroom!

Wow…just wow!!

Couldn’t wait for comments, bought one anyways. I’m surprised to see them going so slowly, there were only 100 cases made and even if woot got all of them that’s only enough for 400 woots. 241 went during the first offering, so maximum there’s about 160 left.

I picked up a rhone white blend from adelaida cellars in paso robles after a tasting there, made me fall in love with more of the rhone styled whites. I’m really excited about this one.

I had it two days ago with some polish food.

I didn’t get much fruit on the nose (perhaps some imaginary apricots), but had nice balance and round feel, similar to Burgundy chardonnays I’ve been having lately. It also had a very lingering interesting finish. Overall I found it quite elegant and a great summer wine. Recommend. :slight_smile:

ahh great…i know it was coming…i need to just ignore this site for the next two days or i will be broke and in big trouble.

We had a bottle of the Rousanne on Sunday. I would have to agree with Ratnikov’s notes and recommendation: subtle fruit on the nose, nice mouth feel, not oaky but crisp with a nice finish to it. Closer to a Chard than a SB for sure. I know the KR Syrah I am sitting on is going to be great if I have the patience to let it bottle age.

Seconded. I know I won’t be able to stay away, but its a good plan in theory.

Wonder if Cosentino will make a comeback?

I had a bottle of their 2006 cab from the last wine.woot-off, and it was terrific. Sorry for all the folks that had shipping issues, shame to waste all that great wine :frowning:

Hopefully not…and wine david should add that name to the word filter to change to something unmentionable.

I had a bad feeling about that deal but was talking into it based on the new owner coming on for a moment and knowing WD and team had tasted the wines… then they kill the wine sending it ups ground. Thankfully WW fixed the issue with a full refund promptly.

I like whites in the summer. Chilled, crisp… sounds amazing on a warm summer night. And a 3 bottle offering instead of 9 or 12 in one go. My poor apartment just can’t support that much wine!

I’m in for 1!

So… I don’t know anything about Roussanne, is this a good wine / deal. Please help!!!