Kent Rasmussen Esoterica Petite Sirah - 3 Pack

Kent Rasmussen Esoterica Petite Sirah - 3 Pack
$59.99 + $5 shipping
1 2008 Esoterica Petite Sirah
2 2007 Esoterica Petite Sirah
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I have purchased Rasmussen wines in the past. I will check my cellar and see if I have any remaining. I do remember that I liked it the last time we partook.

Love KR, love PS.

I’m going to be dropping a lot of money at tomorrow’s Dark & Delicious silent auction.

I’m on an airplane right now.

And any woot even featuring KRPS is an automatic in for 3, no questions asked, no matter my finances (or which organs or bodily fluids I have to sell to finance it). The fact that this is all PS, and it’s a mini-vertical to boot, just makes it all the better.

Kent, I don’t think we’ll be seeing you pouring tomorrow night, but if you want to show up and drink with us (and drink more afterwards!) you should feel more than welcome.

Do not PaSs on this PSeriously awesome wine.

Looks like Ursa has a playmate. How will these stack up? And can we drink these without feeling guilty inside of a 20 year window?

Esoterica by Kent Rasmussen 2007 Chavez-Leeds Vineyard Petite Sirah; 94 points and Editors’ Choice, Wine Enthusiast:

“94 Points!
Very dry and tannic, as Petite Sirah should be. But unlike many “Pets,” it’s also balanced
and elegant. The official alcohol is only 13.5%, yet there’s not a trace of greenness. In
fact, the wine, which has plenty of French oak, is quite rich in blackberry and black
currant flavors. Really a superb example, a Petite Sirah for Cabernet fans. Should evolve
interestingly for many years.”

Get 3, and see how they age. Seriously, you won’t be disappointed.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – KRPS was my gateway drug. It’s a lovely wine, and an even better learning experience.

Kent, PS, and rats - this should be great!

Starting it off - can we have BRIX at harvest, residual sugar, and some cooperage info for these?

Thank You!

Kent, where’s the fruit in this one from?

Mostly Leeds-Chavez vineyard again, I take it?


Giddy Happy First Time Wine Woot Labratier

Well, its Kent Rasmussen Petite Sirah – NO LAB RATS NECESSARY TO SELL THIS WINE! I am thrilled to be a 1st time lab rat for Woot. Shocking! I have zero quality posts so lower your expectations all of youse! After last week’s brouhaha over lab rats, please don’t ask if I spit or swallow. No one should ask a lady that… Even about wine! :wink:

What: 2008 Esoterica Petite Sirah, Leeds-Chavez Vineyard. 14.5% AC. Label says Rutherford Napa Valley.

When: Decanting began 5 PM. Bottle had been resting (unlike me who worked worked and then worked worked more) since 1 PM in wine fridge.

Who: Me, my husband, and neighbor Tony.

Reader’s Digest Version: Awesome mesmerizing color, smooth, medium bodied wine. Very pleasant. Hint of pepper, blackberries, and plum – after a few hours, slight vanilla comes through. Recommend it. Would like to get a bottle or two, then try it again after cellaring for a year or three.

Long Version: - (whoa, someone is a Verbose!)

Initial notes: Wonderful garnet red color with hint of purple, inky as expected. Floral aroma, like an old garden from my husband’s boyhood home in Point Loma wooded area. Slight pepper smell to the cork.

Initial taste: (15 minutes) a very small pour: Earthy dry wine, not a fruit bomb or fruit tart. Taste more floral/garden. Woodsy smell. Most precisely, smells like the inside of a pipe organ chest, says HWMBO husband Dennis who knows his pipes (had a 32 rank pipe organ in our house at one time and one wonders why I drink a lot). Remarkably, no hotness or alcohol burns from initial taste. Alcohol content is 14.5% - thought there would be some heat, happy me!

30 minutes: Another small taste: Fruit is coming forward more. Slight plum notes. Blackberries? Still an earthy grass field tone to the wine, surprising not an overwhelming fruit aroma. Subtle and smooth. Slight pepper. Medium body.

60 minutes: Wine has opened up. Moderate aroma but still subdued garden/floral bouquet. Taste more plum; still a bit of blackberries. Pepper is fading. Nice dry, smooth wine. Very faint vanilla coming through at the end.

It was nearing time for dinner: Dennis, is having seared rare ahi tuna, with a balsamic red wine reduction, wild rice. I am trying to preserve my taste-buds, and am pretending mentally (not physically, drats) to be a Victoria Secret model to save my less than educated taste buds (will starve for wine!)

Tony, Italian Labrat (he buys barrels of wine from Paso Robles, stores, bottles and sells down here in San Diego) has a more critical palate than we do. Full body, balanced, overall impression good. Not a prevalent fruit aroma. Gave us more bottles of his wine and said, drink this next. (Enablers, I am surrounded by enablers!)

(90 to 120 minutes) Final Tasting: Blackberries most prevalent for fruit slight herbal (rosemary like) undertones. Flavors linger longer, balance better, and dry finish. Aroma is not forward; I love the smell of most wine and am having troubles catching a strong whiff of much with this one.

Conclusion: Definitely would order this wine if we were out in a restaurant and saw it on their wine list. Nice pleasing smooth taste – Seems like it is a little young, and may come into its own more in a year or two. Love the color – dark and dreamy and luscious, inviting everyone to take a dip. I was looking for Rutherford lusty dusty in the flavors but never had that fully come through.

Wine Preferences: Always red wine. Typically go gaga for full body dry wines, Cabs, Zins, Bordeaux. Favorite wines of past that we bought cases of: 2008 Sequana Sarmento Pinot Noir, 2000 Clos du Bos, 2005 Chateau Potelle Mt Veeder Zinfandel VGS, the wootilicious Scott Harveys (Cathedral is wonderful), Atlas Peak, and of course the woot darling Corison.

Caveat: We tend to appreciate wine more than we critique it. Hopefully we didn’t pooch up too badly being Wine Woot Lab Rat Virgins, but we gave it our best. We really are thrilled to be able to lab rat – and are Uber-Thrilled that it was for Esoterica! Made a less than stellar week pretty awesome! Thanks woot!

Does the 13.5% alcohol in the 2007 seem a bit on the low side for a PS?

Very much so! This is a food-friendly PS, not a fruit-and-oak bomb. It’s still a big wine, but a PS that you don’t need to throw wild boar, grass-fed flatiron, or game meat at.

Wish we had the space for more, but I’m capped at 1 order. The longer-term juice is slowly taking over too much space in the two fridges.

Sounded great to me (rpm would be proud, I think). Thank you!

Kent Rasmussen. Auto-buy based on everything I have learned from Wooters. Jumped on it immediately and got max of 3. First sucker. Woot!

Kent, when would you recommend as the best year(s) to drink these?

edit: I should have listed to the vintner voicemail first:

“Drink it old, or drink it young.”

Good young for about 8 years, then in dumb phase for 10-15 years. Wow - I just don’t know if I can be that patient!

I can’t say no! I have purchased more wine on this SIWBM…

I’m in. Again. Thank God I worked double for this pay period.

Thanks - I don’t see how I can resist this one.

Does anyone else think this is a tad evil to put up autobuy PS when many are already going to D&D. Arghh!!!