Kent Rasmussen Esoterica Petite Sirah - 3 Pack

Has anyone considered organizing a wine storage commune with nearby w.wooters?

I tasted at the KR tasting room back in August '10. Excellent, excellent, excellent.

A fantastic deal.

In for two… God, I spend too much money on wine…

Not if we’re stuck on the East Coast playing D&D. :wink:

Is Vermont falling out of favor as a wine.woot friendly ship-to state? Seems like we’re off this list more & more these days. :frowning: I’m severely disappointed that I can’t be in on this!

Same sad face in CT…

I second this! And I was checking into the hotel and bought via my smartphone. Otherwise PS or I would have been First Sucker! Shouldn’t have left home so late!

In for 3 as well!

We had the '07 this summer on RPM’s magical mescaline tour, it was delicious. In for two. My only issue is that I won’t want to open these for a decade.

Oh well, at least I’ll have something to drink at President Beiber’s inauguration.

Good lord. Where am I supposed to put this stuff? I bought a bottle of this on the Tour last summer for more than this offer. How am I supposed to resist? WD, you’re killing us here!

Hmmm, I think he posted a long time ago that PS is fine up until 10, then goes into it’s mute phase sometime between 10 and 15 for 5 years or so … have to see if I can find that post.

And here it is!!

I told you!!! Around 10 to 15 years! :wink:

I also want to point out that our own Richardhod has a review on CT with a 90 rating.

Not sure if that will help or hurt the sales… :slight_smile:

I bought two, but wish that I had enough fuel for three. I’m trying not to sound like I’m working for KR, but this is one of the best deals I’ve seen on WW.

FWIW, KR also had the best Cab Franc of any of the Napa wineries I was able to taste. Having said that, I think Cali CFs still pale in comparison to what Virginia is doing with this glorious grape. How about a Virginia CF offering?

I was on SIWBM and then I bought some Wellington Duke 8 off of a fellow wooter earlier this week and then I went to Bevmo and picked up a couple of bottles; a Joel Gott SB & a Buena Vista Pinot. And then this comes up!!!
I have to pass despite my feelings otherwise, what a bummer.

Looks like my Travel Vinturi is arriving just in time. I don’t suppose that will make up for 20 plus years of cellaring, but, in all honesty, I just don’t have that kind of patience. I’ll vote for the “Drink it young” part!

@#(WE&(!!! I have learned that KR wine is amazing stuff. The monthly budget’ll be a wee bit tight, but how can I resist? I know I won’t regret.

Yes - he says “Once a PS is about 10-15 years old it usually starts to go through a “dumb” phase as it loses it’s fruit, but then when they get really old – 20-25 years they come around again like no other wine I have ever had”

So it starts to go through the dumb phase at 10-15 years, and comes around again at 20-25 years. So if you want to try the aged version, you need to wait until 2027-2028.

Again, we may be vacationing on Mars before that happens!

Personally, I have a lot of respect for what Richard says.

Unless you agree and you mean that 90 isn’t good enough for you. :wink:

I think he was just having fun. I went in for 3 within a minute of seeing this deal. I prefer Kent’s CF and CS, but that’s likely because I’m not yet a PS aficionado like the others. Also my palate developed fast during and after the Tour!

This retails at 40 bones from winery. Best price i’ve seen was $30 on tour. This us approaching $20. You will never see a better price on this good a PS. And he knows how to attain phenolic ripeness without too much alcohol. Truly fine winemaking.

Interestingly, I read somewhere recently that speed of ripening changes the kinds of flavours you get with some grapes. So red fruits come from faster ripening than darker flavours, which apparently come from phenolics appearing later in the bio-chemical processes of ripening.

This wine will reach its third age at the same time as many wooters. A well-timed maturity. Those who are unlikely to make it to 2035 feel free to bequeath them to an appreciative palate!

How does this compare to the Black Zeppelin PS a while ago?