Kent Rasmussen Petite Sirah (3)

Kent Rasmussen 2009 Petite Sirah 3-Pack
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2009 Kent Rasmussen Petite Sirah
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I apologize if this was addressed with respect to one of the other offerings, but what’s going on with no shipping to NY all of a sudden?

Is this bottling from the Chavez-Leeds Vineyard, or a different release?
Just when you need a good, up close, pic of the label, the photo fails.

Not sure exactly but the specs say “Frank and Beth Leed’s Vineyard in Rutherford”.

Specs say “Vineyard Source: Frank and Beth Leed’s Vineyard in Rutherford”. Just like the one from last year. CT describes it as Chavez-Leeds vineyard for the bottles I bought in the last offering, so I think they are the same vineyard with two slightly different names.

WCC is not currently shipping to NY due to some restrictions, but we should get further details sometime very soon.

Sorry for the inconvenience :frowning:

Same price as last November, but CA sales tax is extra now. Plus, extra for summer shipping. I think I’ll sleep on it.

Same wine - Kent only makes one of these as far as I know. I’ve got 2 left from the last wooting, so I’m in the clear still. I thought for a minute this was the 2010 and saw my opportunity to combine shipping with this and WineSmith.

And of course, when PS is up, the following is required …

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This is the wine you want!!!

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Only 2??? How will they last til 2025 or later??? :wink:

Got 9 last time, and thinking I should still get more!

Perfect timing! Excellent opportunity to participate in sharing a variety of aged Petite Sirahs, and meet fellow wine.wooters!

NorCal #20 - NorCal meets SoCal Petite Sirah Night Sept 7th

Hi All…Kent here.

We are offering the very last little bit of our 2009 Esoterica Petite Sirah today. This is a wine that a fair few of you have had already. I expect a bunch of comments like “best Petite Sirah I have ever had” etc. to be posted in the next couple of hours. What can I say? is a lovely PS….full of the wonderful rich grapey character that makes PS so unique. It is a very substantial wine, but not one of those horrible brillo-pad-in-the mouth PSs that have become so prevalent of late. I hate that take on Petite and try not to go down that road.

Anyhow, I will be on and off during the evening and day tomorrow. Let me know if you have any questions about this or other wines that we have offered over the years.

Yes, indeed it is. Frank’s father was Leeds and his mother was a Chavez, IIRC. Frank and Beth live on the property right, which fronts on Highway 29 just about a mile South of Cathy Corison’s winery. They are really wonderful people. Frank opened '95 Zin for us at Frogs Leap on the 2008 rpm Magical History Tour. He is a partner and the viticulturalist at Frogs Leap, and is also a highly respected vineyard manager for a few other wineries. Beth is a respected artist who has done really neat wine labels for a number of wineries. I don’t think I’m telling tales out of school if I tell you that Kent and Celia and Frank and Beth are good friends. Our older daughter and Frank and Beth’s older daughter went to college together and are close friends.

This is an rpm Auto-Buy to the limit if you like Pets (as Frank calls it) at all. One of my very favorite Petite Sirahs!

I just want to see more of Kent’s Pinot (Hi, Kent!! Hint, Hint!), his Sauvignon Blanc (we’re still enjoying the 2010 - Hint, Hint!) and his Grenache Rose (which we’re getting low on… Hint, Hint!)

Very glad this is the 2009, which I still have 3 of. Now I can save for the 2010.

This just reminds me that I am due to open a bottle of the Forte. Surprisingly, there were a few people who were not overly fond of it, but I loved it and happily still have a dozen bottles.

The only one of these I ever had was lightly heat damaged and I was bummed. :frowning: so I have never had one at its full potential.

Wow, I go away for a couple of months and you blacklist my state. Dagnabit. Any chance the regulations will be fixed today?

Hey Kent. There are a couple notes in CT about your '09 PS that say the corks are stained all the way to the foil. Any idea why this might be? I thought that is usually a heat issue, but these were shipped in December of last year.

I’m wary of holding all my 08’s and 09’s with the notes I’m seeing in CT.

Bet against any fix today. The last offer that shipped to NY was last Monday. Since then, nothing, and nobody will say why. I’ve seen nothing in the news about any changes, the Ship Compliant Blog to which the list of shipping states directs us says nothing about any changes. Either there have been regulation changes, or there haven’t. If there have been changes, WCC knows about it, and knows what the changes are, but nobody will talk about it here. All you get today is some l****ame apology and a suggestion that there will be “further details soon.” That’s the first real reply since WD came on last Tuesday, telling us to stay tuned. After finding little on wine.woot that interested me for some time, they come up with at least 3 offers in the past 6 days that I’d place orders for without thinking twice, but no dice. I’ve had several offers to wootleg (ranging from a 4 hour drive to a 7 hour plane flight away), but I’m not about to prevail on my friends indefinitely, especially with no answers forthcoming. I feel like I’m beating a dead horse here, so I’ll end my rant with a promise not to come back to this subject until I see something new and meaningful on the matter.