Kent Rasmussen Petite Sirah (3)

I will note that it DOES tend to slow down a woot-off…

Yes! But it’s a Rasmussen PS. We all know that if you like PS, it doesn’t get a whole lot better than this. :wink:

Came to see what tasting comments people had on this and instead found only shipping complaints. :frowning:

This is fine stuff and I highly recommend it. Anything of Kent’s is worth buying, but this stuff is about as good as PS gets.

When this was on 8/19/13, I bought 3x.

So pleased to have grabbed the last two of this great trio! My meeting ended just in time. Happy daze!

There is no need to be rude. As a matter of fact, I hadn’t read the posts and was simply voicing my displeasure with not being able to receive a wine I love. I thought I was allowed to do so without being picked on. This is why I don’t usually comment. I guess I will go back into hiding or avoid the Woot site since I can’t get the wine I want. Thank you for making me feel bad about opening my mouth.