Kent Rasmussen Petite Sirah (3)

So this is really the 2009? Not the 2010 which was just offered in the Plus deal?

Kent Rasmussen 2010 Petite Sirah 3-Pack
$59.99 $133.00 55% off List Price
2010 Kent Rasmussen Napa Valley Chavez & Leeds Vineyard, Rutherford Petite Sirah
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Good catch. It’s 2010. They’re fixing it now.

Figured I would save some Scott Harvey-like headaches.

LOVE Kent Rasmussen, especially his PS. Super yummy stuff! :-9

rpm autobuy! This is great PS from a good friend’s vineyards!

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That says something!

What is happening?! Wine on Thursday? :stuck_out_tongue:

This would complete my vertical. Hm… Will have to think it over with inflated holiday credit card bills and all.

Great QPR. Recommend highly. Love the Vintner, Love the wine.

would be in for 9, but continue to be shut out in Georgia (ya ya, I know the links and the reasons). have had to shift my wine buying to other sites.

Was able to resist this one on the plus deal, but now that it’s here again I’m not sure sure. Especially with the Harvest Moon LH Zin on the plus deals. Hrm.

Know the feeling, I just picked up another three as well.
Wonder how many Sparky has squirreled away?