Kent Rasmussen Petite Sirah (3)

Kent Rasmussen 2010 Petite Sirah 3-Pack
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2010 Kent Rasmussen Napa Valley Chavez & Leeds Vineyard, Rutherford Petite Sirah

There’s somethin goin on either with my monitor or your camera. Both in this offering and the Scott Harvey Zin yesterday, the picture looks like small, almost half bottles.

Ardente and Rasmussen. So far a very good day. Maybe some Wellington soon?

If you like big red wines and you pass on this offer at this price, you should have your head examined.

m/b yours looks the same to me

Buy it! Kent’s wines are all outstanding, and this is a fabulous PS from the Rutherford Bench vineyard of a mutual friend.

Are more than three required?
Hard to imagine why this is moving so slowly.

Based on Kent’s estimates for earlier vintages, this should drink well until around 2020, then enter the mother of all dumb phases for approx. 10 years, and then drink well until around 2035. See ya’ then.

Augh no! I let it sit in my cart for too long. KR! COME BACK TO ME. ):