Kent Rasmussen Petite Sirah Vertical Trio



Kent Rasmussen Petite Sirah Vertical Trio
$59.99 + $5 shipping
condition: Vertical
1 Kent Rasmussen 2000 Petite Syrah
1 Kent Rasmussen 2001 Petite Syrah
1 Kent Rasmussen 2002 Petite Syrah

Hmmm… This week’s gonna hurt…

Wine.Woot folks: The description on the 2000 has the Brix & Maceration stats on the same line (should be two I believe).

…and here’s an idea for those unsure about $65 wine.woots of a wine many folks don’t regularly drink. Use this wine.woot as an excuse to throw a ‘wine party.’ Hit up a bunch of friends/co-workers and pitch the idea like this:

Get 2 or 5 (or 8) friends to kick in $20 - $25 each toward the purchase. Then, after the wine shows up, you host a vertical tasting party.


Vertical trio. Cool. Will spend some time listening to the forum this week. But will probably buy within a few days


dang…i was hoping for some unattractive whites this week…but these PSs look fantastic. so…count me in for two.


damn it, so tempting! wonder how this will compare to stag’s leap, rosenblum, and peltier station.


From thier website and from Wine-Searcher Pro these wines tend to go for $30

so lets say $90 for the lot without shipping.

not bad… the Verticle thing is a nice change from the norm.


Sweet, I love petit sirah. [edit: beaten to the punch on pricing] in for 2 btw.


Are these 375 or 750ml? Not clear.


aw, son of a…

Look, even for someone who makes a pretty decent living, $600 a month on wine is absolutely obscene.

…But we’ve been waiting on a reputable, unique vertical offering since wine.woot’s inception.

I will hold off for tonight. I am high on fumes, as I spent all weekend painting my dining room (it looks amazing… might even post pics on the friday night forum), but I’m kinda loopy. But as far as tomorrow goes, I can make no claims…


Speaking on the aging of Petite Sirah,
I recently had a 1978 Concannon from Bern’s steakhouse in Tampa, the wine drank beautifully, given the age it had silky, silky smooth tannins with still bright but subdued fruit, I wish I was drinking one right now. it ages well but doesnt develop much seconday flavors like Bordeaux, it remains fruity like Zinfandel IMHO.


I’m recieving a “order is NOT in” notification. I think it might be something with my CC, but I don’t know.

Switching cards now, I guess.


any reason to believe they are not 750s?


these must be the 750ml. if it’s less or larger (not yet), they’ll post it specifically.

i’m in for 3 baby…vertical is AWESOME. i’m so glad they finally got this done.

jenmonkey. get off the fence and do it. you know you can’t say no anyhow :slight_smile:


Upon switching cards, it works. That’s a good thing.


Syrah is my favorite the only tough choice here was wether to take 2 or 3. So I went with 2. Thus leaving room for more firepower next week.


What color(s)?


750’s always unless specifically stated otherwise. ahh… Rutherford dust…


Hopefully you like Petite Sirah, too! :o

To be fair, the Poizin/Antidote combo in the woot-off did NOT state that the Antidote was a 375ml bottle. I was pretty sure it was (and it looked smaller in the pic), but nothing in the description stated that 1/3 of the woot was a 1/2 bottle. I got what I expected, but I wonder how many wooters opened the box to a big “Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?!?”


I see people (women?) in the clouds in the bottle photo as well as the usual building outlines. Is this some sort of subliminal message? Please tell me some one else sees this!


yep, an oversight on my (WD) part on that particular offering.