Kerhsaw 1760 SKYLINE Black

It’s a small knife but full of greatness. I bought one off here several months ago and it’s been well worth it. It’s a joy to flip even though it’s not spring-assisted; it was razor sharp out of the box and I’ve been using it to modify/create/breakdown shipping boxes since I got it. I only recently touched up its edge, it doesn’t take much to get it back to an enduring sharpness.

My only complaint has been that the blade wasn’t centered very well out of the box, which was easily fixable. And I got a black instead of satin pocket-clip, but that’s an extremely minor nitpick.

Other than the off-center blade, the build quality feels solid and I haven’t once been concerned about its durability. I highly recommend it.

Yeah, what he said. Great small folding pocket knife, razor sharp, thin light design. I know nothing about the different types of steel used for knife blades. This one seems to be pretty good.

I love the Skyline so much that I have two extra new ones stashed in the safe. The steel is fine grained and I can shave with mine. It is fairly light in weight.

My blade is off-center too, how did you fix yours?

I used a torx screwdriver to tighten the pivot, turning it slowly until the blade was straight but still opened easily. It took some working with it to get it to open as smoothly as it did out of the box, but it got there within a week of regular usage.